Goodie Reusable Baby Pouches

Goodie Reusable Baby Pouches

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The following is my first impression review of the Goodie Reusable Baby Pouches.  I purchased the product myself and have no involvement with the company behind it and this is not a paid review.  The following review represents my honest opinion of the product.


As in-home childcare providers, we almost always have a mixed age group of children. Among other things, it can present challenges, especially at meal times. With the emergence of food pouches a few years ago I find myself in grabbing a few especially for the younger children at mealtime.  I am constantly looking for items that will be a quick clean up after mealtime. Especially at breakfast.  These pouch thingies seem to fit the bill.

A couple of years ago I considered buying a make-it-yourself pouch contraption but kept putting it off. The cost was reasonable but since I am space challenged in my little home I couldn’t justify the purchase based on the storage space it would need.

So last month when my assistant suggested a reusable pouch product she found I was excited.  I ordered the Goodie Reusable Baby Pouches and couldn’t wait to get it to try it out.

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Goodie's Reusable Baby Food Pouches


The Goodie Reusable Baby Pouches are reusable plastic pouches to make your own infant and toddler food pouches.  The pouches are sold in packs of 8.  They are dishwasher & freezer safe.  There is a wide zip locking bottom.  Each pouch holds 6 oz.  The pouches are BPA-Free, Phthalate-Free, Lead-Free, PVC Free.

Who Are They For

The pouches are perfect for parents of infants and toddlers wanting to make homemade snacks for their babies, but I think they would work well in a child care setting as well.  Some of the benefits of the Goodie’s Reusable Baby Food Pouches is that they are reusable & dishwasher safe.  The pouches offer the ability to make your own pouches at home without the need for purchasing any specialized equipment.  Unlike premade pouches available on the market, using the Goodie Reusable Baby Pouches allows you to make the contents different in each pouch.  There is even space to label the contents.

Goodie Reusable Baby Pouches

How to Get Them

A pack of 8 Goodie’s Reusable Baby Food Pouches sells for $13.95 on Amazon and has a 100% guarantee.  Of course, delivery through Amazon is always super quick.  I got mine in about 2-3 days without Prime special delivery.

Pros vs. Cons

The Pros

  • Allow you to make your own infant and toddler food pouches
  • 100% Reusable Baby Food Pouches
  • Sold in packs of 8
  • Dishwasher & freezer safe
  • Wide zip locking bottom
  • Each pouch holds 6 oz.
  • The pouches are BPA-Free, Phthalate-Free, Lead-Free, PVC Free

So there are the pros of the Goodie’s Reusable Baby Food Pouches.  There are a few cons I found too.

The Cons

  • HARD TO FILL – The pouches are a little hard to fill at first.  After a few washes, they do get a little easier to fill.  I would guess because the plastic begins to loosen a bit.
  • NEED A FUNNEL – It would be nice if they came with a funnel to make filling the pouches a little easier.
  • PACK SIZE – Another con would be the pack size.  It would be helpful if the packs were offered in different quantities like 10 or 15 pouches.  The 8 pack is probably plenty for their target consumer but it would be nice if there were other options.
  • PRICE – One last con would be the price.  At $13.95 for an 8 pack, which is approximately $1.74 per pouch.  That’s a little pricey.


An alternative to the Goodie’s Reusable Baby Food Pouches would be the Infantino Squeeze Station.  This was the option that I initially considered, however, their pouches are not reusable so you would need to continuously purchase new pouches. The system requires the purchase of a “filling” Squeeze Station in order to fill them.

Worth it?

All in all, I would say that the Goodie Reusable Baby Pouches are definitely worth the purchase.  The pros totally outweigh the cons with an average consumer rating of 5 stars.  The flexibility that the pouches allow is very convenient.  They definitely made mealtime easier and I’m not filling up a landfill with the toss away pouches.

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