Staying Inspired as a Child Care Provider

staying inspired

As a child care provider I know it can be hard staying inspired.  So today I want to share a quick story with you.  I don’t know if you can tell by my posts but I’m kind of a glass half full kinda girl.  I always have been.  I have the take no excuses, get er’ done attitude in general.  While it is just in me to be on the sunnier side of life, it’s hard for me sometimes.  I do get a little discouraged at times and it’s a struggle sometimes staying inspired.

 Staying Inspired as a Provider

Last updated:  06/15/20

At this time of the year, I know that many of us tend to reflect on the year passing and it can be a little frustrating to see that we have not come as far as we would have liked.  It can be hard staying inspired.

Challenging Times

Take, for instance, last week.  A favorite client of mine said that she was pulling out her son when he turns two in February.

Now while I halfway expected this withdrawal, since she had done the same with her older child approximately two years ago, it still stung a little.

Sometimes it can be hard to remember that we have one of the most rewarding professions …

It stung not just because we had put up with this child’s non-verbal skills which lead to constant self-frustration which lead to a continued biting problem.  No more because it seems that whenever I lose a client it seems to illuminate just how difficult this job really is.  I start to think about how much work will need to go into finding a replacement for that exiting client.

Yes, sometimes it can be hard to remember that we have one of the most rewarding professions and find our happy place.

Why Providers Rock

That being said, during a recent conversation with an unemployed friend I was reminded of just how blessed I truly am to have created a business that provides me with my own employment.

Employment, that for the most part, is on my own terms.   I am able to skip the office politics, backstabbing, long commute and five holidays a year.  Now I’m the boss so I make those calls!

I’m the BOSS!

In September I entered my 13 year in this profession.  And while there are ups and downs, trials and tribulations and downright times I wish I could just go around shouting “Off with their heads”, I am proud of my little daycare.  I am proud of the 110 children we have cared for.  Proud of the way the child care has grown and even more proud of the reputation the child care has.  Those are no small things and I did that!

Appreciate You

Staying Inspired

No matter where you are in the process; newbie just thinking about this profession, new child care owner just securing those first clients or seasoned provider of many years, you need to take stock in all you have accomplished.

Yes, even the small milestones add to the foundation of your child care business and business skills.  Use those accomplishments to help motivate you and keep you moving forward.

Congratulations for all that you did this year!

In part, that is what this blog is really all about.  Helping to encourage you in every stage of building your business into the thriving child care we all are striving for.  You inspire me!  So I can only hope to return the favor.

Ready to Rock the Next Year!

So in this time of reflection of this past year and goal planning for the new year, be sure to appreciate you and your personal & professional accomplishments.

Put that cape back on!

It doesn’t mean there won’t be more challenges in the future, but put it into perspective.  If there was no you pushing through, persevering and making the magic happen, there would be no child care to have the growing pains and challenges that every business faces.

So shake it out but put that cape back on and let’s get er’ done.  Looking forward to growing with you in the new year!  Let’s make it a great one!


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