Every superhero needs a couple of things.  They need a superpower, a costume, and a weapon.  Well, today I’m sharing my one my secret weapons.  Seriously, this one tool saves me time, money and inspires me to show off my superpowers even more.  Here’s how to use a Cricut For Childcare.

Cricut For Childcare

Cricut – My Secret Weapon For Childcare

Years ago my assistant and I would spend hours and hours cutting out project supplies.  I remember how much time it took to cut out multiples of everything.  But even more so I remember how our hands would cramp afterward.  That was until my assistant told me about a new personal die cutting machine she had heard of.  Originally created for scrapbookers, this machine called a Cricut has truly evolved into a crafters sidekick. 

Today I will show you some of the many ways I use the Cricut For Childcare.

Cricut For Childcare


Anyone who knows kids knows how much they love stickers.  Well, imagine having the ability to create custom stickers anytime.  The Cricut will allow you to design and create project stickers or themed stickers whenever you need to.

At Halloween, I pulled some images of pumpkins, witches, and goblins right off the Cricut Design Space.  Then using full sheet labels and the Cricut Print and Cut feature, I turned those images into stickers.

It only took me minutes to create custom stickers!

You could do this for birthday gifts, create party favors, etc.  Really! The sky is the limit.

Project Components

I mentioned how I used to have to cut out all the project materials and components by hand.  Well no more!  My Cricut does all of that for me.

If I need 8 reindeer for a Christmas project all I have to do is find the image, load up the Cricut with cardstock and push go.  My Cricut goes to work making detailed cuts that I could never do.

This is super handy for last minute projects!


Sure you can find room decorations even at the dollar stores nowadays.  But imagine having the ability to create your own decorations.

You can use the Cricut machine to cut out wall decals, window clings or hanging decorations whenever you want.  The Cricut cuts thick or thin materials.  This allows you to use even plain paper or cardboard and turn them into store quality decor.

Now you can buy raw materials from the dollar store or Michaels and turn them into hundreds of things.

Here are just a few materials the Cricut can cut:

  • Paper
  • Cardstock
  • Vinyl
  • Fabric
  • Chipboard
  • Plastic
  • Cardboard

This past Christmas I cut (I mean the Cricut) supersized snowflakes out of glitter adhesive paper.  I used them as wall decor for the childcare space.  Look how pretty they turned out!

Cricut For Childcare

Best of all – easy up and easy down!

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Fun Gifts

Like I said you can make just about anything.  I am always finding new things to create with my Cricut.

One year I decided I wanted to create New Year’s Glasses for the kids.  I literally was able to create the project from what I was envisioning in my mind.  It was ridiculously easy and a big hit with the kids and parents.

I posted the project in my Facebook groups and it just about went viral.  Check out how easy these glasses are to make.



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Last year I created a last minute Mother’s Day gift out of scraps of vinyl I had laying around.  I turned the pink vinyl into a keychain charm.  Now every time I see one of the childcare mom’s keys I smile a little.

Even More, Uses for Cricut For Childcare

Like I said, you can create just about anything you can imagine using the Cricut.  Every year I find new functions and uses for my Cricut.

Oh and I almost forgot.  One of the best things is once you create your project and send it to the Cricut, you can walk away from the machine.  The Cricut goes to work bringing your creation to life.

It’s like having a project assistant!

As a testimony for how much I rely on and believe in the Cricut For Childcare, I currently am on my 4th Cricut machine.  The thing is I use the Cricut For Childcare purposes so much that I resell my machines every year and get a new one.  This year I am upgrading to the newest Cricut Maker which will allow me to cut fabrics too.  So I am so EXCITED!

Honestly, I can’t imagine not having my Cricut.  Especially because I use the Cricut For Childcare purposes.  And yes the Cricut machines are an investment.  But using it all year saves me so much money, it easily pays for itself.

By using the Cricut to create projects, decorations and gifts I save so much money using materials I always have around the childcare.  I am so glad I convinced my husband to get me that 1st Cricut machine.  It really does bring out my superpowers! 

I mean anything that can save me time, money and potentially bodily injury counts as a superpower in my book.

Do you own a Cricut or another die cutting machine?  What do you create with your machine?  It would make my day if you shared a picture of your latest creation in a comment below.

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