Four Great Ways To Use The Provider Planner

ways to use provider planner

Learning how to use a planner is an ongoing education. There are always more ways a planner can help you better mange your time and to help keep you organized. In this post I will introduce you to 4 ways a daycare owner can use a Planner.

10 More Summer Daycare Activities To End Summer Smiling

10 More Summer Daycare Activities

Doesn’t it just figure? As soon as we get used to the heat, the Summer is ready to end. Well why not end the season on a high note with some more inside and outside activities to try? Here are 10 more Summer daycare activities that are perfect to end the Summer with.

Great Daycare Assistant For A Great Daycare

hiring daycare assistant

Finding and hiring a great daycare assistant can seem daunting at times. Sometimes it can feel like there aren’t any qualified people out there. To avoid onboarding & training mistakes the key is to not only have a great hiring process, but also a quality training system as well.

10 Awesome Summer Daycare Activities Kids Will Love

Summer Daycare Activities Kids

Even though we may only be a few weeks into the Summer, you might be looking for some fun inspiration for what to do with the kids. How about some fun & new, inside and outside activities to try? Here are 10 super fun Summer daycare activities kids will love.

How To Create A Staff Handbook For Your Childcare

staff handbook for childcare

Creating your employee handbook can be overwhelming if you aren’t sure what information to include. Based on your state and the size of your childcare, your staff handbook will have different requirements. It’s important to include as much information as possible so both you and your staff members have a frame of reference. In this […]