How a Coach Helped Me Overcome Challenges and Build a Successful Daycare Business

Successful Daycare Business

Stephany, a dedicated daycare provider, had always dreamed of creating an awesome daycare business for her community. However, she found herself struggling to navigate the complex world of business ownership. That’s when she took the leap and decided to invest in her daycare business by hiring a business coach. Little did she know, this decision […]

How To Know If Your Childcare Rates Are Too Low

Your Childcare Rates Are Too Low

It’s the question most childcare owners are faced with at some point, how to know if your childcare rates are too low? But then we get afraid that if we raise our rates we will lose clients or lose money in the end. BTW that is rarely the case. But when you are in a […]

5 Fun Daycare Valentine’s Day Activities

Daycare Valentine's Day Activities

Valentine’s Day is a time to celebrate love and friendship, and it’s a great opportunity to get creative with your daycare activities. There are many fun and engaging activities that you can do with children to help them celebrate the holiday. Here are five daycare Valentine’s Day activities that are perfect for your program.

How to Create a Vision Board for Your Home Daycare

Vision Board for Your Home Daycare

When it comes to creating annual goals, many people create and use a vision board to keep those goals front and center all year long. But you can also create a separate vision board just for your childcare business. One that you can use and manifest what you want to accomplish in your business this […]