How A Word And Person Can Inspire Your Year

Inspire Your Year

Last week we discussed why and how to start your year off by knowing exactly what you wanted to happen in your life this year. This week we will get into how a word and person can inspire your year. Let’s see how a good word or a special person can inspire us and help […]

Start by Knowing What You Want This Year

Knowing What You Want This Year

Last week we discussed why choosing a theme for our personal & business life for the year instead of resolutions was so much better. This week we will get into how to choose the best place to start. Let’s go into this new year knowing what you want this year. When it comes to choosing […]

Childcare Provider What Will You Embrace This Year?

a theme for the New Year and your childcare business

After a year like 2020, it seems quite understandable that so many people would be at a loss for what to expect in the new year. I’m sure not even the most time managing provider could have gamed out a year like we just went through. But as we enter a new year we need […]

Really Great Christmas Gifts for Autistic & Children On The Spectrum

Whether you are a childcare provider, parent, or grandparent, finding the right gift is hard enough. But Christmas gifts for autistic & children on the spectrum can really be challenging. Here are a few resources to help you to find the perfect gift. Save this article because these guides are great for birthdays or special […]

Introducing the NEW Provider Planner & Organizer

Provider Planner

Oh happy day! I am so THRILLED to announce that The NEW Provider Planner & Organizer is here at last!  We actually released it back in late September 2020.  Since then I have been wanting to show you the NEW Provider Planner, why I use it in my own business, and why I’m so excited about […]