How To Hire Daycare Staff During The Pandemic

All this year I have heard from daycare owners about how hard it is right now to find staff. This is affecting childcare businesses everywhere. So today I’m sharing a few possible resources to hire daycare staff during the pandemic.

How to Actually Host An Amazing Daycare Open House

Something that every business, even an in-home daycare business, has to do is marketing. Sometimes word-of-mouth just isn’t enough to fill those empty spots. But what if there was a way to fill all your daycare spots in one day! Not only that but to create a waiting list for future spots. Wouldn’t you want […]

5 Things Childcare Providers Need To Secure At A Daycare Tour

Things Childcare Providers Need To Secure At Daycare Tours

In this post, I’m going to share with you 5 things childcare providers need to secure at every daycare tour. Why? Well, the fact is not everyone is a good fit for your daycare business. Parents could have needs that you cannot provide and finding that out sooner rather than later is BEST. So let’s […]

How to Consider Raising Daycare Rates Post-Pandemic

I don’t know if you’ve been under a rock, but if not you’ve probably noticed that prices are going up for everything. Gasoline is up and so are used cars. I even heard a report of a ketchup shortage that might be looming. With everything including smashed tomatoes on the rise, should we be raising […]

Here Are Real-Life Confessions From Providers During a Crisis

Real-Life Confessions From Providers

Over the past year, I have wondered how providers have faired during this global crisis. Specifically, what challenges they have experienced. So I decided to reach out to you and find out. Here are some real-life confessions from providers and what the last year has been like for them.