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Payments on-time every week!

Something that I hear from providers all the time is how they have an issue with receiving payment on-time.  Parents are always giving them excuse after excuse why they cannot submit tuition when it’s due.  Unfortunately, this is a common issue among child care providers.

This is the type of problem that can have a snowball effect.  Before you know it, parent after parent will not be making payments on-time.  And unless you have a plan for dealing with slow/non-payers it can get out of control fast.


Which is why I created my new course “How to get Tuition Payments ON-TIME!”.  In this course, I take you through the process I used to get an out control payment problem on track and how to avoid late paying clients in the future.

If you are struggling with getting your childcare clients to make payments on-time, this is the course for you.  I am going to show you how I turned the same problem around and now get tuition payments on-time 95-100% of the time.  That’s right!  Almost all time and without having to chase down parents or have awkward confrontations.

Running a childcare business can be challenging.  Getting paid shouldn’t be!

If you are fortunate enough to be a provider who is not dealing with payment problems, I will show you how to structure your business so that you won’t in the future either.  We will get ahead of it so that you won’t ever have this problem.
This course is going to give you the same tools I used so that you’ll get paid on-time too!
Don’t worry about losing clients in the process either.  You will have a system that is non-confrontational yet effective for enforcing your payment policy.
In this course I will give you a Step-by-Step guide to setting up a payment policy, informing and enforcing your policy with clients.  You will also get contract supplement, policy memo, payment reminder, and late fee notice templates.
This course is a blueprint for setting yourself up to receive tuition payments on-time every week!


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