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Finding Your Smile Again:
A Child Care Professional’s Guide to Reducing Stress and Avoiding Burnout

Professional Development Books
Author: Jeff A. Johnson
Product Code: 135101
ISBN: 978-1-929610-93-8
Format: Softbound
An estimated 30 to 40 percent of child care professionals leave the field, often due to burnout arising from some combination of long hours, isolation, low pay, and lack of respect. With humor and empathy, Finding Your Smile Again provides dozens of proven techniques for coping with stressful situations and diagnosing and preventing burnout. A family childcare provider and former child care center director, Jeff Johnson specifically addresses the stressors and challenges common among child care professionals. You’ll find guidance in discovering your true purpose—whether it’s in the child care field or beyond. Softbound, 176 pgs.



From Babysitter to Business Owner:
Getting the Most Out of Your Home Child Care Business

Author: Patricia DischlerProfessional Development Books
Product Code: 109801
ISBN: 978-192961068-6
Format: Softbound
Publisher: Redleaf Press®

Do others view your work as you do? Does it ever seem as though some parents see you more as a babysitter than a professional caregiver and business owner? How can you change their minds?

Family child care homes provide much-needed, quality care for hundreds of thousands of children every day. Now you can remove the term “babysitter” from your job description and obtain the satisfaction, appreciation, and lasting success you deserve.

From Babysitter to Business Owner offers tried-and-true strategies for implementing business practices in the home day care environment. Each of the eight chapters in this indispensable guide gives you insight into an important aspect of fine-tuning your family child care business. The book covers topics including:

• selecting new clients and retaining valued clients
• developing and using a thorough parent handbook
• selecting an appropriate and manageable curriculum
• creating work spaces in your home
• setting long-term personal and business goals

Chapters also contain helpful and inspirational sidebars, lists of suggested resources, and a “3 Things to Do Today” checklist.

Practical and easy to read, From Babysitter to Business Owner has everything home day care providers need to make their business—and their career—a success.

Patricia Dischler has operated Patty Cake Preschool in Prairie DuSac, Wisconsin, for over 15 years. She is a frequent presenter of workshops on issues related to professionalism in family child care and has published several articles in early childhood magazines and newsletters. Softbound, 216 pgs.



When Nothing Else Works:
What Early Childhood Professionals Can Do to Reduce Challenging Behaviors

Professional Development BooksProduct Code: 594803
ISBN: 9780876594803

Learn to utilize a variety of creative strategies and techniques to address and adjust problematic behavior in the classroom. Rather than simply providing solutions for the toughest behavioral problems, learn why certain strategies are successful and others are not, what helps children develop a growth mindset, and how to develop an intervention plan. Reduce challenging behaviors while also promoting resilience and active engagement in learning. Age focus: 3-5.



77 Best Strategies to Grow Your Early Childhood Program:
Proven, Cutting-Edge Strategies Your Competitors Are Probably Not Using

Product Code: 234846Professional Development Books
ISBN: 9780692234846

Need ideas for marketing your program to success?

This easy to use guide is full of ideas and examples from the author’s experience helping hundreds of owners grow their programs. Return to this book whenever you need a fresh idea or two to market your early childhood program.



Powerful Interactions:
How to Connect with Children to Extend Their Learning

Professional Development BooksProduct Code: 896722
ISBN: 9781928896722

Use three easy steps to connect with children during everyday interactions to help you teach and children learn. Be present, connect, and extend learning with this reflective guide. This book contains everything you need to understand what Powerful Interactions are, how to make them happen, and why they are so important in increasing children’s learning and your effectiveness as a teacher.