6 Inexpensive Christmas Gifts for Childcare Children

inexpensive Christmas gifts for childcare

Finding inexpensive Christmas gifts for childcare children can be tough. As just about any childcare provider will tell you, we work with a slim budget for just about everything.  So you can imagine we are always looking for ways to save money and shop smart.

There are times throughout the year when we would want to give a gift to one of the children in our care.  Whether it’s for a birthday, Christmas or graduating, it would be a nice gesture to surprise them with a present.  The challenge comes with how to find something nice but inexpensive.

Well, never fear here are some cheap  inexpensive Christmas gifts for childcare children that are sure to wow the kids and their parents, while garnering you much gratitude at the same time.

6 Inexpensive Christmas Gifts for Childcare Children {or anytime}

1. Books

I love giving books!  I guess it speaks to the educator in me.  That’s why it’s top of the list.  Years ago I became committed to just giving books for birthdays to the childcare children.  

I usually can score some really good ones at the dollar stores.  When I do find them, I snag as many as I can afford and stash them away to hand out throughout the year.   

2. Stuffed animal

I usually reserve a cuddly stuffed animal for Christmas time.  The younger kids just love getting a soft, snuggly stuffed animal that they can take to bed with them.

3. Coloring page

While a coloring book is nice, a few years ago I found that you can make custom coloring pages from pictures.  So why not take a child’s picture and make it into a coloring page?  

Check out this tutorial by Instructables to take some favorite pics and turn them into a custom coloring book.

4. Lullaby CD

I remember one year when a child was leaving because the family was moving out of state.  The little girl had difficulty falling asleep at nap and night time.  So as a parting gift I gave her the same Lullaby CD that we used during naptime at the childcare.  I explained to the parents that the familiar tunes might soothe her as she transitioned to a new environment.

5. Custom DVD

Want a super-low-cost, almost free gift?  How about taking a favorite book and reading it while recording it to a DVD.  All you need is a handful of DVD’s (which you can probably find at the Dollar Store) and your smartphone. Upload your video to your computer and then download it to the dvds.  Now that’s custom!  

BTW:  You can also upload the video to YouTube to build a channel for your childcare.  Killer advertising rite?!

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inexpensive Christmas gifts for childcare
The kids LOVE this!

6. Oversized stocking

This is a cheat!  Because it’s not really a gift alone but it sort of plays like one.  Every year the dollar stores have these oversized Santa stockings.  I think they are about 3′ tall.  

One year I thought to myself, “wouldn’t it be cool to give out Christmas gifts in those?”  So, guess what?  That’s what I do every year now.

TIP: “Wrapping” gifts in the stockings make for quick work.

I grab a handful of the super-sized stockings and tuck each gift inside.  I have learned that I need to use a couple of Velcro strips to secure the top so the surprise lasts till Christmas morning (I also stuff it with plenty of white tissue paper so the gift is well hidden and the stocking will stand on its own).  

Grab this for the daycare kids!

Oh and, just because I can’t stop the cuteness, I send a little note that instructs the kids to climb in the stocking and to send me a picture.  Can I tell you the wow factor that I get when I hand out the stockings, from the kids and their parents?

Hey! Where do you find inexpensive Christmas gifts for childcare children?

Do you give out gifts to the kids in your childcare?  Got a tip for an inexpensive gift?  Please share it in a comment below, I would love to hear about it.

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    1. This is such a great idea! I’m sure the parents love seeing how their child has grown throughout the year. Thanks for the comment Deanne!

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