Drop-In/Back-up childcare

Today is a crazy day in LA. All of the LAUSD schools are closed related to “credible threat”. To my knowledge, this has never happened before. I saw this on the news when I woke up this morning and immediately started thinking of what the parents were going to do if they were not able to take off work today.

Drop-In/Back-up childcare

Our child care started receiving calls and texts as early as 7:15 am regarding back-up care for some of our former students. Thankfully we were able to help.

Do you offer Drop-In/Back-up Childcare?

This morning I sent out a message to our child care families and put out a post on our child care’s website as a reminder that we offer Drop-In/Back-up childcare. Do you offer Drop-In/Back-up childcare?

In a recent post, I listed many extra services you might offer at your childcare.  One I added many years ago was Drop-In/Back-up childcare.  

I initially saw how this worked from my days as an intern at a daycare facility.  When I saw the need in my community for this service I knew I wanted to add it to my menu as well.

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Drop-In Contract

I have a separate one-page contract for these occasional clients and have them update emergency info at the same time.  And I keep in touch with them in emails throughout the year when there are breaks in the school year.  Spring, Summer and Holidays are usually when I start getting reservations for a day here or a week there.  

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It is not my primary service, but when you see a need in your community, and especially in your clientele base it just good business to see if you can fill the need.

Sometimes it may lead to a seasonal or even a weekly enrollment

This a great way to stay in touch with former clients and maybe continue to service them. It is also a way to get the word out in the community that you are there for them if they should ever need Drop-In/Back-up care.  Sometimes it may lead to a seasonal or even a weekly enrollment.

As I said before, when this crisis arose today some of my previous clients started calling.  On our child care website, I stressed that “This is just another reason why it is a good idea to have a relationship with your local childcare providers if you have young children. You just never know when you might need a back-up plan.” 

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Reach Out to the Community

Accordingly, I will be taking contact info over to the local schools this week just to reach out as a Drop-In/Back-up childcare resource for parents in the community who may be in need of alternative childcare arrangements in the future, for any reason.

I also posted a local ad reminding our community that we offer Drop-In/Back-up childcare at our child care.  I noted “If you are a working parent and you have young children (school age or younger), think about making a plan about how you might deal with emergency situations like today. You might find it a good idea to reach out to the child care providers in your community to inquire if drop-in/back-up care is available should you ever need it.”

Another way to serve the community

Hopefully, this turns out to be a false alarm and I am certainly not encouraging capitalizing on tragedy.  This really is another way to serve the community that you serve.  

If you already have this in place at times like this Drop-In/Back-up care really can be of great assistance.

Do you offer Drop-In/Back-Up Child Care?  Is this a service you might consider offering your community?

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