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Keep Your House From Smelling Like a Diaper

Keep Your House From Smelling Like a Diaper

Do you need help to keep your house from smelling like a diaper?  Well just like the commercials suggest, we can go nose blind to the odors in our own homes.  Sometimes the only time I can truly notice residual odors is when I have left the childcare and then return to an awful smell.  Or, God forbid, someone enters my home and I see them turn up their nose.

Not a good feeling at all.

So today I thought I would give you 10 ways I use to keep my home smelling like a home and not a diaper pail, even with the childcare.

God forbid, someone enters my home and I see them turn up their nose.

10 Ways to Keep Your House From Smelling Like a Diaper

  1. Baking Soda – Let’s start with the stuff you already have around the house.  Baking soda has long been used to absorb random odors around the home.  Versatile and cheap, Baking soda is a great staple to have.  Try sprinkling it on your carpet or area rugs just before vacuuming or in a dish to just leave undisturbed for an ongoing magnet for household smells.
  2. Spray fresheners – I personally love using the timed spray fresheners.  They require you to purchase the unit, batteries, and the replaceable cartridges so they are a little more on the pricey side.  Depending on the setting that you choose, they spray a refreshing smell of your choosing every now and then to help your room smell nice all the time.
  3. Febreze – I remember Dr. Oz mentioning how odors can become trapped in fabrics and remain there.  Hence the rise and praise of products like Febreze.  Since its introduction, there are quite a few products now that you can directly spray on your upholstery, towels, linens, etc. to keep them smelling fresh.  I usually will go through the house early in the morning and give each room a nice spritz.  It really does keep the fabrics smelling newly washed.
  4. Dryer sheets – Here is a cheapy that I think I came up with (wink, wink).  So you know the dryer sheets that you throw in with the wash?  Well save a couple of sheets and slip them in between the cushions of your sofa or chair to give the upholstery an intense shot of freshness.  I have also been known to occasionally throw one of the sheets in a decorative basket placed high on a shelf.  Try this the next time before a tour or the in-laws are stopping by unexpectedly.
  5. Potpourri – I love creating potpourri using spices and herbs that I have right in my pantry.  Check out this recipe for how Williams-Sonoma creates the alluring scent in their stores.  It will definitely keep your house from smelling like a diaper.
  6. Flowers & Herbs – I once saw a picture of a lovely floral arrangement of rosemary & roses.  I had rose bushes at the time and a few rosemary sprigs so I recreated the arrangement in small globe vase.  It was lovely but even more than that the smell was intoxicating.  The roses and rosemary scents complement each other.  Lavender is another scent that is used quite a bit in commercial products from candles to baby oil.  With claims of creating a calming environment for you and your little one, Lavender is well worth exploring.  Check out these tips for using lavender to create a more relaxed atmosphere with the added benefit of smelling amazing too.
  7. Plug-Ins – Just like the spray fresheners, the precursor plug-ins have the benefit of supplying scent to the room on an ongoing basis.
  8. Carpet Powder – The same way the baking soda absorbs the odors in the carpet, this product does the same just with a scent added in.  It might be nice to do this once a week or twice a month with your normal vacuuming routine.
  9. Essential Oils – Just about everybody is into essential oils nowadays.  And why not?  you can use them in so many ways.  Something I like to do is to add a few drops to these face & hand wipes I make for the child care.  I have also been known to add a few drops to the playdough recipe too.  While the kids are playing with playdough the room smells great.  I just have to make sure I don’t use a scent like vanilla or cinnamon or they might try to sneak a taste. LOL
  10. Open a window –  Finally, it may seem simple but just opening a window to allow a room to “air out” can make a huge difference.  Rooms get stale and a closed room can trap smells.  Try opening windows opposite each other and even turning on a fan to push those odors out.

Odors can become trapped in fabrics

BONUS TIP:  Oops!  I almost forgot one that I use every day, get some scented trash bags for your diaper bin.  These bags will keep your house from smelling like a diaper right at the source. While you are at it, pop one of those stick-up air fresheners right inside the bin for added odor absorption.  

Do you notice odors that linger in your home?  How do you get your house smelling like a home again?  Have you tried any of these tips?  I would love it if you would leave a comment below with your best tip.

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