How to Offer Great Childcare Summer Enrollment Options

Have you ever thought of offering childcare Summer enrollment options?  Read why it might be a good idea to have some Summer enrollment options on tap, you know, just in case.

Childcare Summer Enrollment Options

Around these parts, Spring break has begun.  The private schools are out this week and next week.  Some of the public schools are out for just this week. 

So for the next 2 to 3 weeks, we will be super busy.  We usually have an influx of enrollment during this time and in the Summer months.  

Even though Spring has officially arrived, it makes me remember that Summer is just around the corner.

Although I currently do not have any teacher clients, years ago I did. Back in the day, I would be faced with the dilemma of how to handle the enrollment for the childcare during the Summer.  

Teachers typically have some if not all of the Summer off work. During which they don’t usually need the typical childcare arrangements.  

At those times many providers may find clients asking to withdraw during the Summer months. So you do all that work to get clients and now they want to take the Summer off?  WHAT!  The Summer off!  NO WAY!

Yes, way!  

However, to sustain our childcare program it is necessary for each contracted family to maintain continuous year-round enrollment.  So how can you keep those spots filled without losing clients during the Summer?

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This will be the hit of the Summer at your daycare!

Better to offer solutions than to impose restrictions.

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Childcare Summer Enrollment Options

When I did have teacher clients, I decided it might be better to come up with summer enrollment options rather than have clients withdraw completely during their down months.  

I have found that it’s far better to offer solutions than to impose restrictions.

So just in case, you have clients looking to withdraw for the Summer, take a look at how you can maintain at least minimal enrollment with those clients.

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Modified Enrollment

Just because I am constantly trying to be as polished as I can be and that I like my business to always look as professional as possible, I put together a nice little memo with a grid.

Summer Enrollment Options

The table presented four options for my clients.  Of course, I started with the one that was most beneficial for both my client as well as the childcare. Then I listed three other choices, ending with the least favorable choice.

You may find that none of the options really work for your business.  Want another option?  Well, you’re in luck, I’ve got a few more up my sleeve.

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Other Enrollment Options

This can also open the door to a whole new service …

Half-Day Program

Another thing you might want to consider would be adding a half-day program to your childcare as another option.  Parents might appreciate having the option to use the childcare for part of the day at a reduced rate.  

This can also open the door to a whole new service and clientele.

Off & On

You could offer something like one week on, one week off.  If it works for you, it just might work for your client.  

This allows you to keep clients associated with your business and is an opportunity to retain them.

Drop-In Care

Speaking of which, you remember when I said the Spring and Summer session can be very busy for us?  Well, that is mostly due to some of our former clients returning to the childcare when their schools are closed.

My former clients use our Drop-In/Back-up Care service when there are gaps in the school schedule.  

So just in case you do lose a few clients, even if it’s temporary, there may be an opportunity to pull back in some former clients on a temporary basis.

Why not reach out to some of your alumni and see if they have a need for childcare during school breaks or other days throughout the year.

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