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How To Give A Parent Tour [INFOGRAPHIC]

A parent tour can mean getting a new client and a parent picking another child care over yours.  It is CRUCIAL!  So why not have a plan for giving a memorable parent tour?  A tour that will make clients remember your business and jump to enroll their child?  Here is an EASY 4-Step plan with a recap for giving a memorable parent tour to seal the deal with parents.

How to give a Parent Tour

1. Make an Appointment

Instead of taking a chance of a parent catching you on a super busy Monday or simply stopping by while the kids happen to be napping, how about setting up a specific appointment for your tours?  You might even consider setting certain days and times during the week when you offer parent tours.  Allow for enough time to give a proper tour, 30-60 minutes is usually a good amount of time.  This will give you plenty of time to answer the multitude of questions new parents always have.  If you currently care for more than 3 children, you might want to consider scheduling the help of an assistant during the time you perform tours.

2. Prepare

Everyone has a business card (or they should), but since we are all about giving a memorable parent tour having more than the standard business card might be a great idea.  Why not create a flyer that explains just what you do at your childcare?  You can easily create a simple brochure on just about any word processor.  While you’re at it, consider creating a tuition worksheet that breaks down the tuition fees for new parents.

3. At the Tour

During the set appointment time, take the time to sit down with a prospective parent.  Consider sharing some personal information about yourself, like your family structure, work history, and former career.  Just whatever you feel comfortable sharing.  Continue sharing the education and experience of you and your assistants, including information about the child care program, your business philosophy or goals, the typical age range that you care for, and some of the child care policies.

Inquire about the specific childcare needs of the family.  Ask when they need child care to begin as well as what days and times are needed.  Review your business hours if there seems to be a conflict.  Offer to answer any questions parents might have.

4. Walk Around

Parents will want to walk around and see just where the children are cared for.   Make sure to point out specific areas and their uses.  Relate how your philosophy or curriculum plays a part in the projects and activities that the children participate in.   Talk about your daily schedule and routines.  Where do the children eat, sleep and play?  Be sure to pay specific attention to the needs of the parent touring.  Do they have an infant, toddler, or school-age?  Talk about care for that specific age group.

5. Recap

End the tour on a high note.  Talk about what makes your childcare unique.  Review tuition fees and requirements for enrollment.  Ask if the parent has any final questions.  Offer handouts, your business card, and any other marketing material.  Be sure to collect contact information and offer to follow up with the parent in a few days’ time.

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How To Give A Parent Tour

To give a parent tour effectively, follow these steps:

  1. Make an Appointment: Instead of relying on chance encounters, schedule specific appointment times for tours. Consider allocating certain days and times each week for tours, allowing 30-60 minutes per tour. If you care for more than three children, it may be helpful to have an assistant available during tour times.
  2. Prepare: In addition to business cards, consider creating a flyer or brochure that explains your childcare services. You can easily create these materials using a word processor. It may also be beneficial to create a tuition worksheet that breaks down fees for new parents.
  3. During the Tour: During the scheduled appointment, take the time to sit down with the prospective parent. You may want to share some personal information about yourself, such as your family structure, work history, and previous career. Discuss your education, experience, business philosophy, goals, and childcare policies. Inquire about the family’s specific childcare needs and address any questions they may have.
  4. Walk Around: Take the parents on a tour of your facility, pointing out specific areas and explaining their uses. Relate how your philosophy or curriculum influences the projects and activities the children engage in. Discuss the daily schedule, routines, and areas where children eat, sleep, and play. Pay particular attention to the needs of the parent based on the age group their child belongs to.
  5. Recap: End the tour positively by highlighting what makes your childcare unique. Review tuition fees and enrollment requirements. Encourage parents to ask any final questions and provide them with handouts, your business card, and other marketing materials. Collect their contact information and offer to follow up with them in a few days.

By following these steps, you can provide a thorough and engaging parent tour, showcasing the benefits and uniqueness of your childcare services.

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3 Responses

  1. I like that you said that parents must tour a daycare center to see how children are being cared for. My husband and I want to find a daycare center for our son since we need to work for the needs of our family. We want to have peace of mind that our son is going to be in good hands while we’re away, so we’ll do all your tips.

    1. Exactly! There are so many factors to finding the childcare that is the right fit for a family. Often times parents only focus on pric. Although they should definitely take into consideration their budget, understanding that their child will be cared for properly should also be a top concern. Thanks, Ellen so much for your comment!

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