Should I open a home daycare? What are the pros and cons? [INFOGRAPHIC]

open a home daycare

I am sure that most aspiring childcare providers are interested in just what it takes to open a home daycare.  They want specific steps they will need.  But before you know how to open a home daycare you might want to know what it means to run a childcare.  I think so many resources would just highlight the pros of the profession but it is a wise person who wants to know the pitfalls as well.  So let’s see just what are the pros and the cons of owning and operating a home daycare.

open a home daycare

What are the pros and cons to open a home daycare?

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The Cons

So maybe we will start with the cons first (just so we don’t end on a bad note). Here are 5 cons to being a childcare provider:

  1. You wear many hats – You are not only the caregiver but also the marketer, accountant, customer service, psychologist, employer, cook, janitor, etc.  I could keep going but I think you get the point.
  2. Parents aren’t always nice – I joke sometimes that parents can be harder to deal with than the kids, but it’s true. Parents have their own expectations of what childcare is. They don’t really take into account the regulations that a provider has to abide by.
  3. The RULES! – Most providers have many regulations that they are mandated to follow. Most of which are not exactly what a provider would do if it was left up to them. The consequences of being out of compliance can be severe and irreversible.
  4. The PAY – Unfortunately, most providers are paid approximately 1/2 of the common minimum hourly wage (per child). On top of that, sometimes you have to chase those payments.
  5. The HOURS – My day starts at 7 am and ends at 6 pm (if everyone picks up on time). Yep, that’s 11 hours! And people want me to work longer hours. YIKES!

The Pros

Ok, enough cons. Let’s talk about the pros for a minute. Here are 5 pros to being a childcare provider:

  1. You are your own boss – Yep, even though you work really long hours, you do have the ability to set what those hours are.
  2. It’s your business – Aside from all those rules, you can basically decide what your childcare will be. You can decide what age children you will take. This allows you to develop a program that is uniquely yours.
  3. You can hire help – If things get busy, you can hire an assistant to help you.
  4. The PAY – Your income will increase by each new enrollment in your program.
  5. It’s rewarding – Watching the children grow and move through the early development stages is exciting. You get to help new parents start on their parenting path.
  6. NO COMMUTE – You work from home so there are essentially no expenses for a long commute to a job outside the home.
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So Is It Worth It To Open a Home Daycare?

There are probably quite a few more pros and cons that could be listed for and against being a childcare provider. But if you are willing to grow with your business they can actually balance each other. You have the ability to make your business what you want it to be and create something really special.

What do you think is either a pro or a con to open a home daycare?  Leave me a comment below and let me know what you would add to this list.

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