What Child Care Upgrades Have You Made?

Here is the next question in our regular reader question series.  Ok – this month I want to get you thinking about improvements to your child care.  In particular –

What child care upgrades have you made (or plan to make)?

When we start our businesses I am sure many providers think a lot about their setup.  We picture all the stuff we need and how it will look to our future clients.  But once we start our businesses sometimes we can forget that over time we should consider upgrades that improve or enhance our business.

So this month I want to know –child care upgrades

What child care upgrades have you made (or plan to make)?

Whether you are a new child care provider or a veteran of many years you have worked hard to acquire all of the items that help you run your program.  Whether it be scouring the want ads, donations by friends and family, roadside finds (yep I do that) or discount purchases, you have probably spent overtime making your business look like a welcome environment for children.

What some of us miss (myself included) is a plan for upgrades in the future.

One day I actually looked around and noticed that some of the toys and equipment I had were the same ones I had started out with years ago.  They were showing years of wear and use.  I tried to look at it from a parent’s point of view and realized that I needed a plan to replace some things.

I started by realizing I should invest in new (or at least new to us) things for the child care on a monthly basis.  Then I figured out a feasible budget that I could spend every month on purchases.

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Now whether you have noticed things starting to show their age or just that you lack certain things that would make your business better, I think it is a good idea to plan for upgrades over time.

As I said, since I think most of us don’t really consider the future purchases (at least not enough) let’s share our aspirations for bettering our business.  This is a great opportunity to show off a little and who knows maybe we will get some great ideas for our own businesses.  So tell me …

What child care upgrades have you made (or plan to make)?

Please share any pictures and background information that will help me understand exactly the issue you’re talking about. Then also tell me why you think an upgrade is in order or is needed.

Looking forward to reading your responses!

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PS:  I’ll kick things off – A few years ago, my husband and I decided that we would install artificial turf in the backyard area where the children played.  The area is very shaded and we struggled to grow grass in this particular area.  After a rain it always turned into a mud pit and we couldn’t let the children out to play until everything dried up.  Since artificial turf has decreased in price over the years, the expense wasn’t as much as we expected.  Now the area looks great in pictures, at tours and (even better) is accessible all year long – even right after a rain.  No more mud pit!

Need help finding funds for new purchases?  Check out this post to find extra cash to buy new stuff!

Ok, now it’s your turn.

What child care upgrades have you made (or plan to make)?  Tell me about it in a comment below.  Oh, and don’t forget pictures.

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