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Daily Notes In Childcare?

Have you considered offering Daily Notes for your childcare children?  Well, years ago before I started my business when I interned at a daycare center, I was introduced to the practice of writing daily notes.  We wrote notes for all of the children in our room.  The notes detailed and summarized a child’s day and were provided to the parents at pickup.  The notes also helped the care providers to keep up with many routine tasks.  Like when diaper changes were needed or when the next scheduled feeding was for a baby. Now I will not lie, sometimes it did seem like a lot of work those notes.  But the parents really seemed to appreciate knowing what their child’s day had been like at daycare.  And, as I said, it did help us keep track of the needs of each individual child. Yeah, I know what you might be saying, “Why are notes important?  I already do a lot at the childcare.  Why is offering Daily Notes good for my childcare business?”

Well, I’m glad you asked!

Here are some of the reasons why I think Daily Notes are a great thing for a childcare provider to offer.

Daily Notes

What’s In Daily Notes?

So when I started my childcare I brought over a lot of what I had seen at the daycare.  One of the first things I did was make the decision to offer daily notes too.  

By then I was used to writing out the notes and felt it was one of those “best practices” I had seen at the daycare. I thought the notes showed credibility with new clients.  

I took the format of the notes from what we had used at the daycare center and revamped it into my own template.  After several revisions, I settled on key sections to include.  I included:

  • Name & Date
  • Meals & Snacks
  • Diaper Changes
  • Naps
  • Daily Health Check
  • Areas of Development
  • Daily Activities
  • Notes

But you might be wondering why or if you should even offer daily childcare notes. Well, let’s see.

Why you should offer Daily Notes


Daily notes are a great tool for positive communication with parents.   You know how parents will ask at the end of the day, “so what did he do today”?  The notes basically summarize what a child’s day was like at the childcare. 

Daily notes all but alleviate long conversations at the end of the day.  It’s all pretty much laid out in the notes.

Daily Notes
Photo by Christian Wiediger on Unsplash

Especially helpful with infants

One of the things I mention during my tours, especially for infants, is that the notes are very helpful for tracking food intake, growth & development as well as well-baby checks.  

Since parents receive detailed information about what happened with their child at childcare, they are able to refer back to that information if they need to.

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Shows expertise

Parents want to know that their child is receiving quality care. The fact that you take the time to write out daily notes can go far in demonstrating your level of ability and expertise as a provider.  

It also shows a level of transparency that is comforting to parents of young children. A provider that offers daily notes can build credibility and trust with their clients.  

It might just help you stand out to a prospective parent.

Connects with Parents

Finally, I believe offering daily childcare notes connects parents with your business.  I can’t tell you how many referrals I have received that said they were told that I did daily notes.  This is one of the main reasons I have kept up the practice of providing notes over the years.

Some parents have actually tried to keep all of the notes.  Wow!  That will be some memory book!

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Report Options

What about a Weekly or Monthly Report?

Now like I said, writing out daily childcare notes can be tedious.  Especially if you have more than a few children.  

So if you think a Daily Note format might be a bit much to accomplish at your childcare, maybe think about preparing a weekly or monthly report.  

You might not want to include all of the sections I have in my report, but you could definitely use quite a few that would give parents a good outlook on their child’s time in childcare.


If daily, weekly, or monthly reports just aren’t in the picture how about offering parents a newsletter?  A newsletter is another great way of communicating about the goings-on at the childcare.

You can include pictures of the kids or their projects (parents will love that), events like upcoming holidays, sharing a recipe, requesting supply donations, etc.  

The possibilities are endless!  

By the way, a newsletter is great for sneaking in reminders about your childcare policies (I do that all the time! Wink, wink).

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Update: I now use an app for my Daily Notes. You can check out all the ways I am able to use the app and why notes are even easier to offer here.

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