Do You Post Your Childcare Rates?

This is the next installment in our question series.  Ok – Do you tell your rates either on the phone or on your website?  In particular, post your childcare rates

Is it a good idea to reveal your rates before a tour?

post your childcare rates

I asked this question on our Facebook Page and there were some interesting takes on whether a childcare provider should post their rates publically. 

What are the pro’s & cons of telling your rates?

So this week I want to know – 

Do You Post Your Childcare Rates? – and Why or Why Not?

I am sure many providers wonder if they should post their rates or not – so I thought it might be useful to have a post asking it that I can point people to.

It’s a waste of time for the provider and the parent

A colleague of mine finds is helpful for her to reveal her rates on her website so that she can weed out potential clients who cannot afford her rates.  

I can understand not wanting to waste time touring parents if they ultimately are not likely to enroll.  It’s a waste of time for the provider and the parent.

Most of the comments received on the Facebook Page indicated that many providers do not reveal their rates.  

Ashley Baker said “I do not.  My reasoning is because I offer a lot of things other providers may not offer and I want to explain and justify my rates to people when they inquire so they know what they are getting.”

Kassi Leddige said “No.  There are advertising regulations that prohibit from posting rates. Also due to unique needs of my families, some pay more (more hours) and others do not (less hours). I do not want to upset my families.”

Some providers are actually prohibited by regulations from posting rates

Debbie Almaraz Espinosa also said “No. I don’t. I like people to come and meet me and see my center before they put a price to it.”

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I have noticed that many daycare centers also do not post their rates on their websites.  Like many providers, they probably discuss that during the tour.

What do you think?  Do you think childcare providers should post their rates?  Do you post your rates?  Please leave a comment below.

Looking forward to reading your answers!

PS:  I’ll kick things off – At my childcare, I have found that whenever I did give out my rates the person never called back.  I think many parents are simply looky-loos and are price hunting for the lowest rates.  I have, however, on some calls indicated a ballpark of what my rates are on an hourly basis.  Although I do not provide care on an hourly basis, I think parents should be aware of how low that rate turns out to be.

Ok, now it’s your turn.

Do You Post Your Childcare Rates?

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