This week I would like to give you a few resources that I recently found for teaching materials.  Each one is both economical and accessible.  So check these local resources for affordable teacher supplies.


Resources for Teacher Supplies

One of the many challenges that a provider has is budgeting.  This is especially true for teaching supplies.  While most of us know about places like Lakeshore and Environments, although great quality their supplies can be a little pricey.  That is why today I wanted to source out some economical resources.  Here are a few local resources that have sections devoted to teacher supplies.

More than Art Supplies

teacher suppliesYou probably already frequent Michaels for paint and project supplies.  Well, recently I noticed that they have an entire section devoted to teacher supplies.  They have everything from banners to stickers.  I even noticed those cool Dry Erase Pocket Folders I have been eying for awhile.  Oh and don’t forget to check out their toy section for Melissa & Doug playsets as well as dramatic play outfits.  Grab a weekly coupon and stock up!

teacher suppliesMore Finds than Fabrics

Known mainly for fabrics & crafts, Joann’s has stepped up their game in recent years.  They too have a whole section devoted to teaching materials.  You can find everything from bulletin board borders, posters, certificates, children sized scissors and more.  They also have quite an array of well-made manipulatives and dramatic play materials.  Take your coupon and even save more.





teacher suppliesCleanup in the Teacher’s Corner

Last year I was so excited when I found animal figurines at a local dollar store.  Yes, I said dollar store.  You might be surprised (as I was) to find many items similar to the higher priced stores now at the dollar stores.

Stores like Dollar Tree & the $.99 Cents Only Stores now stock brands like Playskool & Disney.  They are especially good for supplies like crayons, paint, poster board & markers.  Some even have sections specifically set up as Teacher’s Corners.  And since they are dollar stores, I don’t have to tell you how budget conscious shopping there would be.

There are three sources for finding economical teacher supplies.  Have you tried any of these?  Maybe you have a source I didn’t mention.  I would love to hear about it.  Please leave me a comment below and tell me your favorite source for teaching materials.

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