Make Running a Childcare Easier

As a childcare provider, I know how much I appreciate tips and insider tricks from other providers.  I think it would have been especially helpful as a new provider.  Which is why today I thought I would share what I believe are five essential things that would make running a childcare easier.  Make Childcare Easier

Make Running a Childcare Easier

Make Running a Childcare Easier

1. Contract Make Childcare Easier

I start with a Contract because that is exactly where every provider should start.  Starting with a basic contract is a good start but realizing that regularly revising or revisiting your contract is just as important.  Here are several things I have added to my contract over time.

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2. Rates

One of the most nerve-racking things for a provider can be setting their Childcare Rates.  If they are set too high and you might repel clients but set them too low and your business may not be sustainable.  Here is a process for Setting your Tuition Rates.

3. Market Make Childcare Easier

Marketing is another big piece of the puzzle to grow your childcare business.  Developing a marketing plan early on would be a sound business practice.  Here is how to develop a Marketing Kit for your childcare.  Make Childcare Easier

Make Running a Childcare Easier

4. Policies

Having core policies is not only key to maintaining order but also staying compliant with the rules and regulations that a provider must adhere to.  They give the provider the backbone they can rely on when communicating with clients.  Check out these Essential Policies providers should consider.

Make Childcare Easier

5. Communication Make Childcare Easier

Speaking of communicating with clients; which is our last but nevertheless very important point.  Having good lines of communication with parents is so imperative.  But I would argue that having as many means of communicating with clients is just as important.  Here are some techniques for building Effective Communications with parents.


Make Running a Childcare Easier

What tip would you give a new provider that might make running their child care a little easier?  Sharing is caring.  Please leave a comment below with your tip.

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