Disaster Planning for Childcares

With all the devastating natural disasters in the news recently now seems a perfect time to make sure our childcare businesses are ready in case of an emergency.  

Even if you think you are ready for an emergency, you need to read this to make sure your childcare is ready in case of a disaster. Disaster Planning for Childcares

Disaster Planning for Childcares

It is usually standard as part of the licensing procedure to have the provider prepare an emergency plan.  Most providers are required to log a plan in the event of an emergency.  

The plan should include having an alternate meeting location (such as a nearby school), having the children’s emergency contact information handy and having enough food & first aid supplies for an extended amount of time.

But other than the basics, how do you develop an emergency/disaster plan for your childcare?  Today I will review resources for a Basic Disaster Plan, printables and How to make an Emergency Kit for childcare.  All of the resources are FREE even the downloadable forms. Disaster Planning for Childcares

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Developing an Emergency/Disaster Plan for Childcare

Guide for Disaster Planning for Childcares

The State of California has this Self-Assessment Guide for Disaster Planning for childcare centers and FCC’s.  This 8-page guide covers several areas to prep for a disaster including;

  • Reducing the potential threat for disaster and emergencies
  • Reserve guidelines for water and food
  • Needed emergency supplies
  • Transportation during a disaster
  • How to conduct disaster drills

The guide also addresses what to do when recovering from a disaster, when and how to communicate with the licensing agency and gives additional resources for preparing a disaster plan.

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Emergency Preparedness Tool Kit

Childcare referral agencies are uniquely in tune with the needs of childcare programs and especially FCC’s.  This Emergency Tool Kit is a collaborative effort between the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health, Save the Children and the CCRC Resource and Referral department.  

This mega 36-page manual goes beyond how to prepare drills and comfort kits for the children but goes into things like how to prepare for children with special needs during a disaster.  Disaster Planning for Childcares

Disaster Planning for Childcares

What I really like about this particular disaster planning kit is that it includes forms you can actually use.  There is a handy child Emergency Card form that can be copied.  In the appendix, there is an Emergency Drill Permission Form as well as a Disaster Drill Checklist and Emergency Supply List that can be copied and used again and again.

Make a Plan Poster

One of my favorite disaster resources is this Save the Children Organization site.  They have several downloadable printables for specific disaster planning like earthquakes and hurricanes.  

Get this cute but functional Children’s Emergency Backpack!

I really like the displayable downloadable poster that providers can post in their childcare spaces as a reminder of specific disaster procedures.  The poster includes a checklist for what to include in a Disaster Kit for childcares.  Disaster Planning for Childcares

There is even another downloadable poster that providers can pass along as a resource to parents for their own at-home disaster preparedness.

Do you have a disaster plan for your childcare?  What about emergency supplies and kits?  Leave me a comment below and let me know if today’s post will help you develop your disaster strategy.

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