Around this time of the year, I think it is quite normal to start thinking about the coming year.  I mean Summer is in the rearview and the holidays are just about on the horizon. 

If you are anything like me this is when I start thinking about next year and specifically next year’s enrollment.  So today I want to give you some easy ways to boost your childcare enrollment in the coming months and into next year.  Boost Childcare Enrollment

Boost Childcare Enrollment

3 Ways to Boost Childcare Enrollment

Boost Childcare Enrollment


Looking at the upcoming months, will you have spots opening up?  Will you have infants moving into toddler status making room for new babies?  If so, consider advertising for those vacancies now.  You can create your own Pre-Enrollment program and get those spots reserved in advance.

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Do a little research and see if there is a childcare need that you can fill.  Do parents need longer hours (earlier or later)?  How about childcare for an occasional date night?  Perhaps if you expand your services you can reach more potential clients.

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You probably don’t need me to tell you that you should advertise for your childcare.  Everyone knows that!  But you might need me to remind you to find new ways of getting the word out. 

Maybe you can find a local mommy Facebook group where you can market.  If you don’t have a Facebook page for your business, think about setting one up. 

The point is there is always someplace for you to get the word out about your childcare.

3 Easy Ways to Boost Childcare Enrollment

Does your childcare business need a boost in enrollment?  Have you tried any of these three ways?  Please leave a comment below and let us know how it went with you.

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