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TAKE A PICTURE! – Using Pictures in Childcare

In this selfie-indulged society that we live in, I thought we would look at how pictures can be used in childcare.  How can providers use pictures to connect with clients and prospective clients?  So let’s look at a few ways you can use pictures in childcare.

TAKE A PICTURE – It will last longer!

Before you start snapping away, I want to address what I think many of you may be thinking right now;

Will my parents allow me to take pictures?

It is true, many parents are reluctant to have pictures taken of their child.  They usually have problems with pictures being used in advertisements or for commercial uses.  That being said, those same parents are perfectly happy to see the cute picture you snapped of their little one.  pictures in childcare

Since I use a Daily Notes app, at my childcare I require that parents provide a photography release.  I use this so that I have their permission to take and share pictures of their child with them.  The release also allows me to use the photographs for other uses as well.

Of course, as providers, we need to be respectful of parent’s wishes.  So never violate the trust of a parent in this way.  If they prefer you not take pictures of their child, honor that.

One last note about getting permission to photograph, you might on occasion run into a parent that is absolutely adamant that you not take pictures of their child.  If that is their preference, always HONOR THAT!

Ok, now that we have permission, what can we do with the pictures we take?  Here are 3 great ways to showcase the many pictures you are likely to amass. pictures in childcare

Great Ways To Showcase Pictures In Childcare


Just like elementary through high schools have yearbooks, so can you for your childcare.  Yours is sure to be cuter!

Imagine taking all the amazing candid shots you get throughout the year and putting them in a book.   BlurbShutterfly, Mixbook, and Snapfish are just a few of many vendors that make it easy to create a yearbook you would be proud of.

If you have events throughout the year, be sure to dedicate a few pages in your yearbook to them. You could also include pictures that your parents share with you.  pictures in childcare

You might even consider using your yearbook as a mini-fundraiser for your childcare.  Parents might want to buy extra copies for out-of-town family members.

These yearbooks would be a great keepsake for the provider as well.

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pictures in childcare
Here are 10 ways I use my Daily Notes app

Daily Notes

I mentioned before how I use Daily Notes at my childcare.  The app that I use, has the capability to take pictures and video.  We use the pictures to share milestones the children experience in childcare.  We also share pictures of project time, story-time, and birthday celebrations.

This is my favorite notes app now.

There have also been occasions where a picture has served as documentation.  When a parent asked about an injury we had a picture to prove it didn’t happen at the childcare.  On that note, in my opinion, the pictures within the notes provide another layer of transparency for the childcare business.


Let’s face it, as much as we try to sell parents on our business, parents want to see other children in your care.  Visuals are on of the best selling points!

I mean would you buy a product without picture or checking for reviews?

Adding a few pictures to your ads along with all the greatest points about your childcare, experience, and testimonials will do far better than ads without pictures.

If you are concerned about using pictures in your ads or marketing materials, try to find pictures where the children are not facing the camera.  You could also zoom in or blur out certain faces if need be.

How To Use Pictures In Childcare

There are three great ways to use pictures in childcare.  Tell me, do you take pictures of the kids at your childcare?  Please leave a comment below and let me know how you use them.

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