With a new year, comes thoughts of starting off fresh.  The new year always gives me the urge to purge.  I start looking around and deciding what can go and what new things we need.  While it’s true that many things just get worn out and need to be tossed, somethings just need a good clean and they will last another 10-20 kids or so.  So today I thought we would see which are the best ways to clean and revive childcare toys and equipment.  Ways to Clean Toys

Ways to Clean Toys in Childcare

Best EASY Ways to Clean Toys

Soft & Stuffed Animals (Plush Toys)

It’s probably no secret that many toys can simply be thrown in the washing machine to get all fresh and clean again.  Here Clean My Space gives some great tips on just which soft toys are the best candidates for machine washing and which just won’t survive the spin cycle.

Ways to Clean Toys in Childcare

Obviously, battery-operated toys and electronic anything should NEVER go near water.  Instead, opt for a good dusting or vacuuming.

CLICK HERE for CDC Guidelines for Cleaning & Disinfecting Toys

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Ways to Clean Toys in Childcare

Plastic & Rubber Toys

Years ago I realized that if I used a dollar store lingerie washing bag I could corral small items like toys, eating utensils, pacifiers etc., and simply drop the bag into my dishwasher.  The hot water and super hot steam blasts germs faster than a toddler can put a lego into their mouth.

Check out how Getting By demonstrates just how well legos do in the washing machine.  NOTE:  A netting bag or lingerie bag like I use in the dishwasher would be an absolute must if you are throwing small items like legos into the washing machine.

CLICK HERE for CDC Guidelines for Cleaning & Disinfecting Toys

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Ways to Clean Toys in Childcare

Hard Surfaces Ways to Clean Toys

Cleaning hard surfaces like tables, chairs, and highchairs are usually done several times a day.  Here’s a non-toxic recipe by Natural Fit Foodie for a cleaner specifically for highchairs.

CLICK HERE for CDC Guidelines for Cleaning & Disinfecting Hard Surfaces

DIY Sanitizing Spray

Hey, could you use a quick sanitizing spray?  Tiny Tips by Michelle has the specs on creating a go-to DIY sanitizing spray here.  If you would rather use something bleach free, check out this recipe by Caffeine Cuddles that uses vinegar and water instead as its base.

So look around and see what needs a good cleaning and see if any of these easy cleaning routines can help.

Do you have a go-to cleaner that absolutely gets the job done?  Please share how you clean toys and surfaces at your childcare in a comment below.

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