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Introducing the NEW Provider Planner & Organizer

Provider Planner

Oh happy day! I am so THRILLED to announce that The NEW Provider Planner & Organizer is here at last!  We actually released it back in late September 2020.  Since then I have been wanting to show you the NEW Provider Planner, why I use it in my own business, and why I’m so excited about it.  So today I am doing just that. 

Along the way, I will share some tips that make the Provider Planner & Organizer a productivity tool like no other and how you can get the most out of the planner too.

So let’s dive in!  This is the NEW Provider Planner & Organizer.

the NEW Provider Planner

The NEW Provider Planner & Organizer

I love the fresh start a new year seems to bring.  Don’t you?

The first tool I use for planning and organizing a great new year at my childcare business is the Provider Planner & Organizer.  Since it was created for and by a childcare provider it has many unique features that quite frankly other planners don’t.

When I created the planner I wanted to make something that would help the provider every day.  As a caregiver myself, I know how hard it is to get and stay organized.  And that’s where the Provider Planner comes in.  It is a tool that I use myself.  So today, I thought I would show you exactly what makes it so special and why I use this provider tool in my own business.  So let’s get into it!

What’s NEW?

But before we get into that, I need to tell you why this new version is better than all the previous versions. IT’S A REAL PHYSICAL PLANNER!

In the past the planner was only available in a digital format. And although childcare providers loved it, they asked for a physical planner that they could hold and use everyday.

And guess what? IT’S HEERE!!!

the NEW Provider Planner

Not only did we release it as a physical planner, we made it really special by offering it in your choice of 3 different cover options. How cool is that?

What’s Inside?

Along with updates to the standard weekly and monthly planning pages, The NEW Provider Planner & Organizer includes room to dream big, set goals, and truly make the most of your time.

But we didn’t stop with the pretty new covers, we are also introducing some pretty cool new features inside the planner too. Here are just a few …

NEW FORMS this year!

Quarterly Goals

I believe that setting goals are the first step toward achieving them. This is why the new planner has not one but two-goal planning pages – one for an annual overview and this Quarterly Goals page which allows you to break them down into achievable quarterly tasks.

the NEW Provider Planner
Achieve annual goals by breaking them down by quarter!

Your Rates

One of my favorite new additions to the planner is the Your Rates page. It not only allows you to log your own childcare rates but also helps you keep up with your local competition as well.

the NEW Provider Planner
Log and track tuition rates -yours and the competition

Tuition Tracker

Updated this year are the Tuition Tracker and Monthly Expenses pages which are included in every monthly section.  These pages make it easy to keep track of income and spending throughout the month.

the NEW Provider Planner
Keep up with who paid & who still owes

Monthly Focus

And finally, my most favorite new form in the planner would have to be the Monthly Focus page. I LOVE this form because it allows the busy provider to hone in and focus on one must-do task for the month. Not only that, it prompts you to lay out a plan of action too. This form is included for every month of the planner.

the NEW Provider Planner
Hyper-focus on monthly goals

I love, love, love setting goals! But having a tool that helps is even better!

I love, love, love setting goals for my business. But having a tool that helps me achieve those goals is even better! And that’s what The Provider Planner & Organizer is all about.

The New Provider Planner

the NEW Provider Planner
NOW AVAILABLE! Get your copy of The NEW Provider Planner & Organizer HERE!

The real beauty of the Provider Planner & Organizer is that it’s meant to be customizable and flexible for any provider and their specific needs.  How I use the planner and the way you use the planner could be and probably should be completely different. 

the NEW Provider Planner
The NEW Provider Planner & Organizer is NOW INSTOCK! Plan for a great year at your childcare!

You can head over to the planner page for more info on this amazing planner or to our SHOP where you can snag your planner.


Just like any fashionista will tell you, it’s all about the accessories.  I agree!  So guess what?  This year we have NEW planner accessories.  Check out these NEW EXCLUSIVE Provider Planner accessories.

the NEW Provider Planner

WHEW!  I know that was a lot of information.  Ready to get planning?  What are you waiting for? Pop on over and check out The NEW Provider Planner & Organizer for yourself! Happy planning!

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