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7 Tips to End the Year Strong as a Daycare Provider

7 Tips to End the Year Strong as a Daycare Provider

The end of the year can be stressful; not only are you juggling the stress and preparation for the holidays, but you are also preparing to start a brand-new year. In this post, we will break down 7 tasks that will help you end the year on a good foot. These tips will help you start the new year off feeling prepared and ready!

7 Ways to End the Year Strong as a Daycare Provider

1. Get your paperwork organized to file taxes

One of the biggest stressors in the beginning of the year is filing taxes. Whether you do them yourself, or you have an accountant who does them for you, it can be a huge undertaking. Reduce the stress you will feel in the new year, by using the last few weeks of the year to get yourself organized and prepared!

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2. Go over your budget

Costs for food, and supplies, increase each year. By going over your budget now, you can review whether you will need to increase tuition costs or identify any unnecessary expenditures. 

3. Plan your calendar for the new year

You will want to consider which holidays you will be closed for. Consider any upcoming appointments, and any vacation days you will need to take. Of course, you may not be able to plan the entire upcoming year, but the sooner you can notify your families of your program’s closure the better!

4. Review curriculum and supplies

If you use a specific curriculum for your program, take this time to consider whether you would like to continue using it in the new year. If you want to switch to a different curriculum, researching it at year’s end will allow you to be prepared to implement the changes at the start of the new year. You will also want to check your supplies and see if there are any that you will need to replenish. This is also a great time to see if there are any broken toys and books that you want to get rid of or replace.

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5. Make sure you are up-to-date with required training classes

To maintain your license, your state, most likely, requires a certain amount of training hours each year. Take the time to review any trainings or certifications you have taken and ensure that you are up-to-date and meet your state’s requirements.

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6. Update policies and handbooks

Each year your parent handbook should be updated; any new policies you have implemented throughout the year should be clearly outlined in your parent handbook. If there is any information that no longer applies to your childcare program, you can remove it from the parent handbook as well.

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7. Reflect on the past year

Lastly, take time to reflect on the past year you have had as a childcare provider! Celebrate your accomplishments and reflect on any areas that you feel you can improve upon.

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These tips are not an exhaustive list by any means. But they will help you prioritize the important aspects of your childcare business that are essential to your success. Setting aside time for these tasks will help you feel more relaxed, self-assured, and equipped to handle the new year; feeling prepared will help you end your year feeling empowered and strong!

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So how do you plan to end this year strong as a daycare provider? Please leave a comment below and fill me in.

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