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Side Hustle That’s Perfect for The Daycare Provider

side hustle for daycare owner

Finances are always on the mind of a business owner. Childcare owners are no different. Sometimes our businesses don’t have the cash flow we need, especially in the beginning. Enter the side hustle! Today let’s expore the perfect side hustle for the daycare owner.

The choice to become a daycare provider is often made with the understanding that for the most part the amount of pay you will receive is far below the pay that you actually deserve. Daycare providers often make this career choice because they are passionate about educating and caring for young children and are not motivated by monetary gain.

However, over the last two (almost three) years I have heard from countless providers telling me how their daycare business has suffered. Not only in dealing with the effects of the pandemic but also how hard hit their incomes have been impacted. And since for many of us, our daycare business is our sole source of income, it has been really hard.

Side Hustle Can Add An Income Stream

In his book “Work Less Make More” James Schramko talks about this and refers to it as a single point sensitivity. Simply put, he refers to it as having only one stream of income and how devastating it can be if that stream is interrupted or disappears.

Considering what we’ve all been through, I almost immediately interpreted this as a definite need for providers to consider having supplemental streams of income. It became obvious that small business owners like childcare providers needed to have a way to financially survive.

The fact is as daycare owners we know all too well that there can be hills and valleys when it comes to our enrollment. Which directly translates to an interruption in our business income. It didn’t take a pandemic to show us that.

Over the past couple of years, I have become more and more committed to helping providers to consider adding additional streams of income. Not so much for extreme times like these, but to help supplement their needs and accomplish their business goals.

A Side Hustle For The Daycare Owner?

Years ago I realized that by tapping into my own creativity I could create a side hustle. This not only added an additional stream of income but also was a creative outlet as well.

Just imagine what you might do with an extra $200-$500 every month …

  • You could buy business purchases that don’t fit into your current budget
  • Or you could build an Emergency Reserve Fund to save for the daycare center you want to open in a few years
  • You could save more in your retirement fund

Yes in this case more is more! But here’s the thing, we are already busy rite? YES, WE ARE! You are right about that. This is why today I want to give you some ideas for side-hustles that won’t have you working 24/7 but can help build up your bottom line.

And keep in mind, that any options that might look interesting can be interpreted into your schedule and for however long you want to do them. They can be long or short-term budget solutions. You get to decide.

Here are seven great side hustles ideas for the daycare owner.

Seven Great Side Hustles For The Daycare Owner

1. Tutoring/After-hours childcare

To bring in extra income, many daycare providers offer childcare services after hours. This can look like offering “Parent’s Night Out” events to currently enrolled childcare families, or offering babysitting services in their homes. If you are comfortable and knowledgeable, offering tutoring to school-age children would also be a great way of earning extra cash. 

2. Teaching Online

There are several different companies that hire online teachers. Often these websites allow for flexibility in what topic you teach and when you offer classes. is a very popular site that offers classes for children as young as 3-years-old. 

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3. Freelance Writing

As a childcare provider, you are equipped with first-hand knowledge of how children develop. There are many companies and organizations that are searching for your expertise to share with their customers. Freelance writing offers flexibility and allows you to utilize your skills and experience.  

4. Pet sitting

Don’t laugh! Pet owners often treat their animals like their children. Which means they put a lot of effort into finding the best care for them while they are away. As a childcare provider, you are an expert at nurturing little ones who are missing their caregivers; using your expertise to ease the worries of people’s pets will come very naturally to you! An alternative could be a pet walking service.

Don’t see anything appealing? No worries! Check out this list of 20 more side hustle ideas for the daycare owner.

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5. Social Media

Whether you create videos and share them on YouTube, or post captivating photos on Instagram, there is a lot of money to made via social media. The beauty of social media is that you can create content that is unique and specific to your perspective. 

side hustle for daycare owner

6. Retail

Daycare providers must have a great understanding of customer service; as a daycare provider, you ensure that each of your families receives the best level of care, and you manage their concerns and hesitations while juggling a million other tasks. Working a retail job as a side hustle would allow you to utilize those customer service skills in a brand-new way. 

7. Instacart, DoorDash, Uber Eats

Delivery service apps (gigs) have become incredibly successful. They are a great side hustle because they provide plenty of flexibility, and they can be worked any time of day.  Even better – you choose the days & hours you want to work.

Don’t see anything appealing? No worries! Check out this list of 20 more side hustle ideas for the daycare owner.

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What’s Are Good Side Hustle For Daycare Owner?

Here are 7 good side hustles to make extra money each month:

  1. Tutor or After-hours caregiver
  2. Teaching online
  3. Freelance writing
  4. Pet sitting
  5. Social media
  6. Retail
  7. Delivery service gigs

Don’t see anything appealing? No worries! Check out this list of 20 more side hustle ideas for the daycare owner.

The Perfect Side Hustle For The Daycare Owner

Unfortunately, the passion and heart that inspired us to start our daycare business cannot always make ends meet. Because of this, many daycare providers might want to choose to find side hustles that can ease their financial stress.

Finding the perfect side hustle for yourself will require you to think through each of your options. As a side hustle, you will want to find a job that you will feel motivated to stick with even after busy days providing childcare.

Becoming burnt out can happen very easily if you overwork yourself, or choose a side hustle that feels draining to you. But the good news is that there are so many options for side hustles that will help you meet your goals! 

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