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Hacks for Child Care

Hacks for Child Care

If cleaning and purging are on your to-do list this season, it might be a great idea to check out some Hacks for Child Care so that you can refresh your daycare on a budget.

Did you know that as a childcare provider you are part of an elite group of people?  

As a member of this group you probably have superpowers that many would envy.  One, in particular, would be the ability to spot a bargain from a mile away.  

So today I have a treat for you superheroes out there.  Here is a list specifically for you.  My personal list of favorite hacks for child care.  Psst!  Most are at your local dollar store.  You can save some real $$$ with these.  Enjoy!

31 Cheap Hacks for Child Care

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  1. Doggy bags  – These are perfect for containing smelly diapers.  Don’t know if this really counts as a hack since technically it’s the same use, LOL!
  2. Paper towels – Save your baby wipes and use plain ole paper towels to make your own thrifty face & hand wipes.
  3. Coffee filters – One of my favorite hacks for child care.  I love using these as napkins.  I mean how can you beat a pack of 700? 
  4. Cupcake cups – These are called baking cups.  Great for preparing egg cups or portioning out snacks.
  5. Pipe insulation – Almost tailor-made for babyproofing a sharp edge, Pipe insulation is great for creating a bumper on furniture, like a coffee table or a metal gate.
  6. Doggy pads – Perfect as a mattress pad for those flimsy pack n’ play mattresses.
  7. Trash bags – Skip the pricey liners and use these dollar store staples for the diaper pail.  Update:  I love these bags because they cut the odor down.
  8. Contact paper – Cut out your own stickers, and window clings, or make temporary placements with contact paper.
  9. Kraft paper – So many uses for this one.  We use brown kraft paper as a table cover for crafts, gift wrap, projects and the list can go on and on.
  10. PVC – Create a baby mobile, playhouse, sand & water table, outdoor easel, I even used PVC to construct a lightweight gate for outside.  No wonder there are whole Pinterest boards devoted to PVC hacks.
  11. Hamper – The mesh kind of hamper makes a great lightweight toy chest.
  12. Clothespins – Another must-have just because there are so many uses.  Use clothespins to hang artwork to dry, label socks, hold projects together, etc.
  13. Timer – Perfect for announcing transitions during certain times of the day.  The kids get so used to the timer signaling them you might not have to say a word.
  14. Flexible chopping mat – Use these chopping mats for artwork placements, cutouts for rubbing projects or my fav cleaning up evil glitter.
  15. Pool noodles – Cut pool noodles up to make super large beads for stringing or split down the center to make a bumper for sharp edges.
  16. Diaper wipe container – The travel size diaper wipe container size is perfect for crayons.
  17. Magnet clips – Use magnet clips to hang bibs or artwork to dry.  
  18. Knife magnet – Mounted to the wall you can hang the magnets from a knife magnet.
  19. Dog collar – Dog collars are great for compacting mats, blankets, etc. for storage.
  20. Lingerie bag – Stuff baby bottle nipples, sippy cup tops, pacifiers, and anything small into a mesh lingerie bag for use in the dishwasher. Likewise, perfect for throwing stuffed animals or small items in the wash.
  21. Paint drop cloth – Use plastic a drop cloth during art time to cover the table and under high chairs to catch those oops moments.
  22. Dishwashing soap – Make your own inexpensive bubble solution with ordinary dishwashing soap.
  23. Bath scrubber – Use a fun bath scrubber with paint to create unique patterns and textures.
  24. Plastic storage bags – Contain all those little pieces of stuff in various sizes of ziplock bags.
  25. Oversized ziplock bags – These oversized versions of the ziplock bags are very nice for keeping changes of clothing altogether.
  26. Mesh bags – Teach the kids to clean up using these small bags.  Everyone can have their own bag at clean-up time.
  27. Denture tabs – I read this tip a while ago; just drop a denture tablet in the toilet for an effervescent clean.   
  28. Masking tape – Another multi-use product.  Simple inexpensive masking tape is great to label bottles, wrap and label extra clothing, mounting projects, etc.
  29. Gift bags – Heard this one at a workshop;  Buy colorful or theme-related oversized gift bags and use them as artwork in your space.
  30. Corn starch – You might think it’s “old school” to use corn starch in place of ordinary baby powder at diaper time, but many name brands use corn starch in their mix.
  31. Placemats – Great to sit on at circle time or on the grass outside. Check out these colorful placemats.

So what do you think about my favorite hacks for child care?  Did you find one you might try?

Want to remember this?  Save “Hacks for Child Care” to your favorite Pinterest boards!

How’s that for a gaggle of helpful hacks (that was a mouthful).  Did I forget any?  Have a hack to share?  Leave me a comment below and tell me about it.  Don’t forget to share this post.

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3 Responses

  1. Great tips! My favorite hack in the center was taking a cardboard box and covering it with felt for a flannel board or covering and laminating it for an inexpensive bulletin board.

    1. Hi Loretta,

      Your comment about the felt board is so timely. I was just out purchasing some felt this weekend to create a new felt board. Isn’t it surprising how much stuff can be made inexpensively or with stuff we already have laying around. Thanks for your comment!

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