How to Make a Virtual Childcare Tour

virtual childcare tour

Just about any provider knows how important and instrumental the childcare tour is in growing their enrollment.  Parents understandably want to see what the childcare is all about and where their little one will be spending their days.  

In fact, I can say with just about 100% certainty that the tour is the make or break when it comes to parents choosing whether or not to enroll in a program or not.

At the tour is were a provider can connect parents with the childcare.

Wouldn’t it be cool if you could give parents a peek inside your childcare even before they visited it?  

Well, actually you can! 

You can give them a Virtual Childcare Tour. This is one of the easiest things you can do to promote your childcare business. You don’t even need any fancy gear or video skills. All you need is a regular digital camera or even your mobile phone camera feature would work.

It’s easy! And Free!  (I love saying that) So why not do it?!  Ok, then let’s get to it!

How To Create A Virtual Childcare Tour

Method #1

Traditional Tour Method

There is not really too much to this method at all.  Just give your normal parent tour, only this time do it on camera.  What’s great about this tour, unlike a normal parent tour, just in case you to you can always have a “do-over”.

Just act like a local television station was coming over to visit to profile your childcare.  What would you tell them?  You would want them to see all the good stuff, right?  The great thing is, you are in control.

A virtual tour would be a great addition to your child care website.

Look how Sarah from Marital Glue demonstrates how to give a tour of her in-home child care.  This is a great introduction to her child care and connects her to clients even before actually meeting them.

You can talk about your experience, the daily schedule, the different services you offer, food served, or even projects you have planned. Just about anything that you think would be good information for your prospective clients.  

Don’t forget to highlight some of the things you forget to tell parents.  Here is your chance, strut your stuff!

A Virtual Tour would be a great, smart move especially for a newbie provider seeking to build credibility in their program.

So what if you are camera shy (like me)?  Well, I’m glad you asked!  Presenting …

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Option #2

Slide-Show Method

This is how I created my own Virtual Childcare Tour.

  1. Take as many pictures of the environment in your child care, of yourself, your logo, your assistant, projects, foods that you serve, even copies of your policies or philosophy will work.  You probably have a lot of pictures already you could use.
  2. On your computer, create a file to store all of the slides. Once you have a good number of slides you will be ready to create a video.
  3. Now using Youtube upload all of the pictures into a video. If you’re feeling ambitious use the feature they have and choose a nice melody as background theme music while the video plays.
  4. Be sure to name the video after your childcare and use the extension “virtual tour”. Either upload the video itself or leave the link available for prospective parents in your advertising.  Now you can use the video as a link on your website or any marketing you do. 

UPDATE:  Another option would be to upload the video or pictures and create a slideshow on Facebook.  They allow fewer pictures, but it’s even easier than using Youtube.

Now wasn’t that easy?

The best thing is, your Virtual Childcare Tour is available 24/7.  Parents can check it out even if you are not available at the time.

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