Has this ever happened to you: you’re changing a diaper and the doorbell rings.  You’re in the middle of everything and just can’t stop to run to the door. You can either take a bare butt baby to the door with you (not a good look) or you can make whoever is at the door wait.  What do you do when you can’t answer the door?

when you can't answer the door

When you Can’t Answer the Door

In fact, this has happened to me several times. Long before I decided to get a video doorbell, I struggled with how to handle this very situation. Inevitably as soon as I would start on the end of the day diapers, someone will knock at the door.  when you can’t answer the door

Of course, this is when the doorbell rings!

I probably don’t need to tell you that it would frustrate me and whoever was at the door. Without a way to communicate with them inevitably, they will continue to knock. By the time I did get to the door I would be frustrated and so were they.  when you can’t answer the door


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Here’s What Happened to Me

One morning right before breakfast I had to change a diaper. Of course, that’s when someone knocked at the door. I actually couldn’t even hear them from the back room.  After I finished I checked to see if anyone was waiting at the door but nobody was there.  when you can’t answer the door

Then my phone started ringing. It was a parent saying that her mother was dropping off a child but no one was answering the door. I explained that I had been changing a diaper and hadn’t heard the front door. I told her that I had checked the door but no one was there. She said her mother had been there knocking for 20 minutes (not possible) and that she was about to call the fire department or the police.  Frustrated I returned to answer the door.  REAL STORY!

when you can't answer the door


Sidenote: REALLY? I mean seriously I just can’t believe how some parents just can’t be a little patient. I mean why doesn’t it occur to them that we could very likely be busy with another child when they’re knocking at our door or calling.  Rant over! when you can’t answer the door


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Now I have to tell you I seriously considered terminating this client. I mean an overreaction like this potentially could have alerted licensing and have caused a problem for my business.

Time to Find a Solution

Low-Cost Solution

Thankfully I gave myself time to cool off. I decided I finally needed to do something just in case I was busy when someone arrived.  Then I came up with a great idea!  I created a door hanger to say that I was occupied but to hold on a minute.  I mean if it works for hotel rooms why not!

Provider Planner
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Best Purchase I made all year!

The door hanger worked great but I still needed to remember to go put it on the door before I was able to change a diaper.  Earlier this year I finally found a long-term solution. I purchased and installed the ring doorbell. And I am so happy that I did!  when you can’t answer the door

It makes pick ups go a little bit faster too!

When You Can't Answer the Door

This video doorbell is the best purchase I’ve made all year!

This video doorbell not only allows me to see who’s at my door but to communicate with them too. Now if I’m busy I can let the person know that I will be there in just a minute.  Bonus: I can see which parent is at the door and take the child to the door with me.  It makes pickups go a little bit faster.  Can you say WINNING!

Here’s the good news!  Because I went through this, I can help you avoid the same thing.  So just in case you have a few inpatient clients like me, I made this FREE door hanger just for you.

It’s double-sided. One side says – “Just a minute please … I’m changing a diaper and it’s messy work”.  The reverse side says – “SHHH … Please knock quietly!  Children are napping!”  so you can let them know that you’re on duty but they just need to be a little patient.

How do you handle things when you are super busy? Please leave a comment below if this something you struggle with.  Oh, and if you like FREEBIES, sign-up below to our newsletter so you won’t miss anything.

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