Black Friday for Childcare

Yeah you read that right!  Today I’m floating some ideas that you can use in your childcare business for Black Friday next week.  Bet you didn’t even think of using Black Friday for childcare huh?  Well let’s dive in!

Black Friday for Childcare

What is Black Friday for Childcare?

I know what you’re thinking –


Black Friday was made up by and for retail businesses to stir up a craze for nutty Christmas shoppers who want to feel like they are getting a deal. RITE?!

Well yes but … now every business is using it to boost their bottom line. Which is why today I’m going to get creative and show you 3 ways that you can use the Black Friday craze to jump-start your childcare’s holiday season.

3 Ways Black Friday Can Work for Childcare

1. Offer Too Good To Pass Up Deals

Ok now hear me out on this one, because I know not all of your clients will be able to swing with this. But there may be a few big ballers who can afford to grab a multi-month tuition deal.

You could offer a 4 or 6-month tuition deal at a discount that looks like Christmas candy to parents. Even a small discount here adds up.

This can really be attractive if you are a new provider looking to land your first few clients.

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2. The LIMITED TIME Enrollment Deal

I know some providers might already do this every now and again, but this is the perfect time to dust it off and offer it as a Black Friday for childcare special deal.

You could waive some fees, offer a LIMITED TIME discounted rate, an Amazon Gift Card, oh or even a spa day gift certificate. I would love that myself! The options are infinite, but the deal isn’t. The important part is to have them move on this or the Black Friday deal will be GONE!

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3. Seasonal Services

Ok, I saved my personal favorite and the easiest one for last. What if you offered a Christmas Shopping Day or Night Special? This could be actually held on Black Friday or (even better) you could create a voucher/gift certificate for a future date.

You charge a flat fee for X amount of hours of kid-free shopping or so the parents can sneak in a holiday date night. I mean what parent wouldn’t jump at the opportunity to get their shopping done without having to hire a sitter?

This would be a great collaboration idea to do with another local provider!

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Black Friday for Childcare

So what do you think? Is Black Friday only for retail or do you see some ways you could use this once a year event too?

One last note – it’s worth stating that although I wrote these marketing strategies for the provider, they also help the parents as well. Either by providing a needed service or bring awareness to your childcare business. It’s really a WIN, WIN!

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Hey! Do you think you might try one of these ideas next week? Or maybe you have another idea perfect for the Black Friday shopping craze. I would love it if you would tell me about it in a comment below.

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