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Have you ever considered offering a perk to seal the deal and get that new client to enroll? No? Well, businesses use perks all the time to encourage customers to purchase. See how using the same tactic could help boost your childcare enrollment. Today I’m sharing some perks to boost childcare enrollment.

Perks to Boost Childcare Enrollment

Do you need to jump start your childcare enrollment? Here are 5 childcare enrollment perks.

1. FREE Trial Day

A friend of mine offers new clients a FREE trial day. She actually has a child complete the trial day before formally enrolling them in her program. By offering this, she is not only showing her clients that she is concerned about the program being a good fit, but she is also insuring a preview of what’s to come with a new family.

2. Buy One, Get One

Another perk that can boost childcare enrollment could be offering a FREE day of care for part-time or drop in clients.  The additional day could help a new child adjust to your program and possibly encourage clients to increase days of enrollment.

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3. Sibling Discount

Try offering a sibling discount to a client looking to enroll more than one child. Even a minimal discount, like 5-10% for the older child could encourage a parent to enroll in your childcare.

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4. Referral Credit

Encourage parents to turn into champions for your business by offering a perk for referrals. Providers could offer a free day of care, gift card, or some other type of childcare credit.

5. Discounted Tuition

I put this last purposely because I think providers should use discounting their rates cautiously. However, just like the cable and cellphone companies, using an introductory rate for a limited time can be very effective. The temporary savings could encourage a new client to enroll. Just be sure to be very specific about how long the lower rate is in effect.

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Using Childcare Enrollment Perks

So if you happen to be in a competitive childcare market or even newly opened try a childcare perk. It might be just what you need to jump start your enrollment.

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