Do you ever wonder just what should be in your childcare provider contract?  You know those MUST-HAVES that might make or break your agreement. 

Well in this post we are giving up the goods.  Let’s find out if your contract has what it takes shall we.  Don’t worry we’ve got a cheatsheet for you just in case.

And whether you are a new or seasoned provider this is a good read.  So here is how to begin to build a solid childcare provider contract.  These are the Top 10 Must-Haves of a Childcare Provider Contract.

What are the MUST-HAVES of a Childcare Provider Contract?

I’m sure you know there are many elements that make up a solid childcare contract. But without a doubt, there are some absolute MUST-HAVES. So full disclosure, the following list is only a beginning. But they are a good beginning.

Take a look at the Top 10 Must-haves for a childcare contract.

childcare provider contract

Those are the TOP 10 MUST-HAVES for a Childcare Contract. But guess what! There are more!

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Here are Ten More!

I’ve got 10 more things you should consider putting in your childcare contract.

Grab this FREE CHEATSHEET of 10 More Must-Haves for Your Childcare Provider Contract.

Is it Tune-up Time?

So with all that in mind, is it time to give your childcare contract a tune-up?

Like I said even if you have been a provider for a while, you might want to skim your contract to see if you need to add a few of these must-haves to your contract.

What did you think? Did you see something you might want to add to your contract? Please leave a comment below and tell me what you think about these MUST-HAVES for your childcare contract.

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