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Four Best Tips For Creating Your Childcare Contract

creating your childcare contract

When it comes to running a childcare business your contract is usually the first but also the best tool you have. That being said, it is definitely a work in progress that will likely change over time and your journey as a provider. Here are four great tips for creating your childcare contract.

I am a huge advocate for having a childcare contract right from the start, even if it’s a one-page deal. Why? Well, take it from me that a contract sets the groundwork for so many things.

Here are four of my best tips for why you need a contract, creating, adding to, and getting your clients to follow your childcare contract.

The What, Why, & How of Childcare Contracts

The Two Most Important Terms to Include in a Contract

What To Consider When Creating A Childcare Contract

Most businesses large or small have a contract with their clients or customers. Sometimes that contract can even be in the form of a receipt. Yep! That’s a form of a contract.

Having A Parent/Provider Contract Is A Best Practice

The other not-so-small thing is that by having a contract you have something to lean on when and if there are misunderstandings. You can refer to your contract for clarification.

It also gives you legal protection as well.

creating your childcare contract

Need a contract? Start creating your childcare contract with this FREE 1-page contract template.

Here are just a few things a contract can do to help your business run more smoothly:

  • Makes clear the agreement between parents & provider
  • Gives details on what’s acceptable & not acceptable
  • The terms for terminating the contract and care
  • It establishes business credibility from the start

Using a written childcare contract also establishes good communication between the parent & provider right from the start. Even though many providers will admit that they don’t actually believe parents read the entire contract, it is at least something they can refer to later.

Although I have heard from some providers that they do not use a written childcare contract, as I said I believe it is one of the best tools a provider can have.

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