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How To Use A Planner To Have The Best Daycare Holiday Season Ever!

Holiday Provider Planner


A few years ago, I created our first Holiday Provider Planner. I think I was a little surprised at how much of a hit it was. But not really. I know that I’m not the only one that needs a little (umm, I mean a lot) of help getting through the holidays in one piece.

There just so much more to do during the holidays rite?! And if you use a planner it can definitely help you manage the madness.

That being said, I knew that our Holiday Provider Planner could use a refresh. So this year, I give it a pretty makeover. Not only that, I’m releasing it earlier this year so that you can use it from Halloween till New Year’s. And I want to share with you just how amazingly organized you can be for Christmas by using this awesome little FREE tool!

How To Use The Holiday Provider Planner

What’s a Holiday Provider Planner?

Simply put, it’s a way to plan out the holidays!  In this case, the whole holiday season from now till New Year’s for all things daycare.  Although Christmas remains the biggest, busiest, and most overwhelming holiday of all, Halloween is certainly creeping up there. Even though we’re not neccesarily making gifts in October, there sure are a lot of projects.  And of course, Thanksgiving and Christmas planner are on another level.

I probably don’t need to remind you that with holidays comes all the things – decorations, projects, gifts, etc. You can see how some things can easily get forgotten. It doesn’t matter that you’ve got Pinterest boards full of ideas to try.  If you don’t take the time to get organized and plan things out, believe me it just ain’t gonna happen. 

But NOT this year!

Well of course you will want to print out your planner.

How do I use the Holiday Provider Planner?

Photo by 2H Media on Unsplash

What I love about this Planner is that it is customizable.  Because it comes in digital format – an easily-downloaded pdf file – you can use what you need and skip what you don’t!

At my childcare, I have developed certain traditions – decorating the daycare spaces for each holiday, creating holiday related crafts, and of course for Thanksgiving & Christmas we like to create personalized gifts for the parents too.

So how do you balance all of it?

By choosing which pages to print, you can have a place to record EVERYTHING you want to make, create, and even eat. 

Planning several holiday projects? Print multiple copies of the Projects List page.  Then use the monthly calendars & Weekly Planner pages to plan it all out. Don’t send Thank You Cards?  Skip that page!  You see where I’m going with this.

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For me, I like to create a blend of old and new.  I love our tried-and-true holiday projects, but I also want to add a new one or two into the mix too.  I have a spot in my Holiday Provider Planner to help me make a list of all the project supplies too.

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The best possible suggestion I can make to use your Holiday Provider Planner effectively is to take some time and fill in what you can ahead of time.  Print the pages you need and get started.  You could even get yourself a super-cute Christmas binder to keep your pages in – how fun is that?  Pour that cup of coffee, put on the Christmas (OOPS Halloween) music, and start planning.  If you find that you need different pages, go ahead and print them!  But the earlier you can start planning, the more organized you will be!  And organized at holiday season equals a Joyous Holiday season. At least around these daycare parts anyway!

Why do I need a Holiday Provider Planner?

Simply put, the holidays can be a very stressful time of year.  I think we all know that.  But even more so for childcare care owners like us. Having the Holiday Provider Planner is much like having a guide through the season.  By setting your budget, to-do lists, and projects ahead of time, you are taking out some of the guesswork and stress of last-minute decisions.  Track gift ideas for the kids or parents, and keep note of whether they will be purchased or created.  Keeping notes will keep your sanity through it all!

What comes in the Holiday Provider Planner?

The Holiday Provider Planner is packed full of helpful checklists and trackers.  You’ll get:

  • Blank Calendars for October, November and December of 2022 & annual calendars for 2022 & 2023
  • Weekly Planner
  • Weekly Meal Planner
  • To-Do List
  • Gift List & Ideas
  • Gifts Received List
  • Project List
  • Project Supply Log
  • Thank You Notecards
  • Black List (for everything else)
  • AND – TWO covers for you to choose from – just print your favorite!


Print what you need – as many copies as you need – and leave out what doesn’t make sense for you.  It’s just that easy!  My favorite printer is this one, but if you don’t have a printer at home, you can take it to a local stationery store to have it printed and bound if you like! 

In short, keep your whole holiday season the merriest it can be by being your most organized self by making use of The Holiday Provider Planner! Oh, and I almost forgot the best part it’s FREE!!!

Want to remember this?  “How To Use A Planner To Have The Best Daycare Holiday Season Ever!” to your favorite Pinterest boards!

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