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How to Create a Childcare Business Card that STANDS OUT

Since the beginning of time (ok maybe not that long) business people have used their business card to get the word out about their businesses.  It’s like the first thing an entrepreneur will invest in.  Just about everyone knows that they first need a business card.  If you don’t its almost like no one will take your business (or you) seriously.  

A business card is essential.  

But what should you put on your card?  What should it look (and feel) like?  How do you create an AWESOME business card that will get you noticed and remembered?  Let’s talk about how to create a childcare business card that stands out.

Too many times I think we get far to carried away with the cuteness of our business card.  What the color or the font is.  What clipart to include. While those are important considerations, we need to remember the main purpose of our business card to deliver contact information. So let’s start there.

How to create a childcare business card that stands out

What to put on your childcare business card

First, let’s talk a little bit about what should be on your childcare business card.  What is more important and what can you leave out?

Here are 8 things you should think about including on your childcare business card:

  1. Business NameOk, this is a no-brainer, right?  But what you should think about is the placement and readability of your business name.  Imagine your business name was up in lights.  You would want it to be BIG and visible right?  So do that on your business card too.  Make your name in a larger size font, maybe even a different color so it stands out (more on this later).  Your name should be the first thing that stands out on your card.
  2. Tagline – This is not a must-have, but if you have the real estate on your card why not use it.  Think about a cute and light tagline that relates to your business name or the type of business you’re in.  Why not use this as an opportunity to talk to your prospective client.  “Quality personalized childcare” or “Where 1st friends are born”, could pull at the heartstrings of new parents.  Something cute and catchy.
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3. Phone number – Again, this is a pretty obvious inclusion for a business card.  What I want you to focus on here again are placement and SIZE.  All too many times I find myself squinting to read the all too important phone number.  This is probably the best way for your clientele to reach you so make it highly visible.  If your business name is in the biggest font on your card, make your contact number just one size smaller.

4. Contact person/Title – Who should your clients be asking for?  Well, you of course.  So put that on your card.  By the way, this is a perfect time to claim your right-full place as the director or owner of your program.  Put that too.

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5. Website – Having a website is now just as crucial to adding credibility to a business, especially a new business.  Be sure to include your web address on your business card so potential clients can be impressed enough to check you out on the web.  If you don’t yet have your website up, check out this post for just how easily your business can be up and searchable today.

6. Email – Likewise for having an email.  You probably have a personal email, but take a few minutes and set up a specific email for your business.  This one is easy because there are so many free options out there.  Google, Yahoo, Outlook to name a few and all are free.  Heck even AOL is still out there.  Here’s a list of the “Best Free Email Services”.  Point is, set up an email that is just for your business, believe me, you will thank yourself later when you don’t have to sift through and separate personal vs. business emails.

The Flip-Side create a business card that stands out

Ok, I might be dating myself here, but back when the earth was cooling there used to be these things called LP’s or records (there is an HBO show called Vinyl out now).  Anyway, the songs on Side A were the ones you would hear on the radio (oh that’s a box, nevermind) and probably why you bought the record, to begin with.  

The thing is there was a Side B or the flip side of the record too.  Maybe not as important as the songs on Side A, but occasionally you could find a real gem on Side B.

  create a business card that stands out

You still there?  Ahem, back to this century.  

Well, guess what? There is a flip-side to your business card too.  Most people neglect this prime real estate, but why not use it?  Instead of stuffing all of the things you want people to know about your awesome business on Side A, why not use Side B to allow clients to discover a gem or two?

Got more to say?  That’s what the flip-side is for.  

Here are a couple of things just begging to be put on Side B:

  1. License No. – In certain states, child care providers are mandated to post their state license number on marketing material. This is so that parents can make inquiries if they choose.  It’s a perfect thing to include on your flip-side.
  2. Program offerings – Why not take this opportunity to let clients know that you offer many different enrollment options. Or you could give reasons for people to use your childcare.  List them here.
  3. Established – If you have been in business for a while, show off how long you have been servicing your community.

Update: An associate gave me a great suggestion – why not use your childcare business card to present an offer? On the flip side, you could offer a Grand Opening, new enrollment or just about any perk you can think of. This makes your business card almost toss-proof.

Oh, one more thing.  Think about choosing a coordinating color for your flip-side.  Why? Keep reading.

  create a business card that stands out

About the card

Great, we’ve got the info part covered.  What else is there?  Well believe it or not a lot! create a business card that stands out

You’ve been waiting for it so here it is.  Let’s get into the pretty stuff. create a business card that stands out

Not only should your business card have the basic information of who you are, what you do and how to contact you, but it should be appealing too.

  create a business card that stands out

What do I mean by appealing?  create a business card that stands out

Well, what does it look like?  How does it feel in your hand?  Does it scream that you just printed it at home or does it represent the professional you are?  

You want the card to look like a good representation of your business. Kind of like you in paper form (ok, that’s weird but true).

Take Stock in it

Make sure you pick a thicker paper stock.   110-400 lb feels substantial and doesn’t look like you printed it at home.  

Now you don’t have to break the bank here.  Vistaprint offers a really good selection of heavyweight paper stock that will give your business card a professional appeal and is SUPER AFFORDABLE.

Be scheming

Have you thought about what colors you will use?  Remember a long time ago when you were figuring out where to place your business name?  Well, you want it to stand out on the card so the color is also important.  

Try using a color palette generator like Coolors to create a color scheme that you can pick the background, flip side and font colors from.

Cute but a little hard to read. I would choose a darker color for the business name & number.
  create a business card that stands out

It’s ok to put this baby in the corner

So we have covered the basics and you could stop here.  But that’s what everyone does.  I’m a big fan of doing just a little bit more. Especially since we are all about making an AWESOME business card.  Let’s see how we can make your’s unique and make it stand out in a pile of business cards.

How an Expert Does it

Years ago I saw a piece on the Today Show with a business expert.  He stated that everyone has a business card. What was needed was a way for your business card to stand out.  Find a unique detail, he said that is different from all the rest.  Then he took out his business card and demonstrated how he had turned and folded over one of the edges of the card to reveal a coordinating color on the flip-side (see told you it was important).

So think about ways you can do something extra to your business card that might make it more memorable than the standard business card.

Small detail, Big punch

I decided to get a corner punch from the scrapbooking section at Michaels and punch out a cute design on one of the corners of my business cards.  Yes, it is a bit labor-intensive, but I have had so many people comment on how cute my business card is ever since.

Here’s some further reading for unique ways to make your business card stand out:

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Do you have a business card?  Think it needs an upgrade?  What do you put on your business card?  Leave me a comment below.

Want to remember this? Save “How to Create a Childcare Business Card that STANDS OUT” to your favorite Pinterest boards!

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