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Questions Childcare Providers Should Ask Clients [INFOGRAPHIC]

It’s pretty typical for parents to ask lots of questions during a tour or even before they come for the tour.  Understandably, they want to know certain things about a caregiver.  Or they want information about the childcare program to see if they might be interested in enrolling.  Most providers are willing and prepared to answer parents questions to help them decide if their program is a good fit for a family.  Questions Childcare Providers Should Ask

Today I want to address some questions the provider may want to inquire about a potential client.  

That’s right we should ask questions too!

These are questions that could help the provider decide if they want to accept a family before enrolling them.  Here are 10 good questions childcare providers should ask before enrolling.

Questions Childcare Providers Should Ask

10 Questions for Providers to Ask

Questions Childcare Providers Should Ask

How to Ask Parents Questions

So now you may have found a few questions that you think would be good to ask the client.  How can you ask all these questions?

I’m glad you asked!

There are actually several ways to ask potential clients questions.  You certainly don’t have to ask them all at once. Instead of hurling a round of 20 questions at a potential client, here are a few ways to work in some informative questions:

1. Phone Call

Some questions might be better to ask even before scheduling a tour.  If a parents work schedule does not jive with your days and hours of operation, there may be no need to meet with them.

2. Email Questions Childcare Providers Should Ask

A colleague of mine has an email that she sends out to a prospective client for them to submit prior to a tour.  The email asks questions and at the same time informs parents of certain policies and procedures she has for her childcare.

3. Interview Log

I have an interview log that parents complete during my tour.  The log asks for contact information like phone numbers but also asks about the parents work hours and willingness to sign a contract.

4. Tour

During the tour is not only an opportunity for parents to ask questions but also a perfect time for the provider to inquire as well.  Asking questions about the child’s habits and home environment shows interest in meeting the needs of the family.

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Do you ask questions of parents before enrolling at your childcare? If so, what do you ask? How do you ask? Do you ask during the phone interview? Do you have parents fill out a questionnaire or application?  Please leave me a comment below and tell me what you think about asking parents questions.

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