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20 Creative Ways To Use Alexa For Your Daycare Business

Creative Ways To Use Alexa


I know that not everyone is into Ai. And I get that, but as a daycare owner, I also can use all the help I can get!

So when my children gifted me some techy treats, I set out to see how many creative ways I could use them to help me manage my day. Keep reading I just might be able to convince you how your devices can help you too. Here are all the creative ways I use Alexia to help my daycare days.

In this post, I’m going to be referring to how I use the features of the devices I use – these include

First of all, what I love most is that each of my devices talks to each other and allows me to better manage and schedule my day.

20 Creative Ways I Use Alexia For My Daycare Business

1. Wake Up Alarm

The fact that your Echo can wake you up every morning is probably super obvious, but instead of a standard jolting alarm sound, she can wake you up to your favorite song or motivational quote.

2. Morning Routine

Speaking of waking up, did you know that you can teach your Echo a whole morning routine? You can! Tell her what you want to know about the news or remind you of what you need to do that day.

3. Transitions

What if you had Alexa help you with all your daily transitions? Like when to start breakfast or when to do the first diaper changes.

4. Tours

You can also have your Echo can also remind you when your next tour is and the details of the family you are meeting with. I wonder if you can teach her to send a reminder to parents about their appointment. Probably!

5. Birthdays

Set Alexa to remind you of upcoming birthdays or holidays. She can let you know in advance so you can prepare.

6. Doorbell

Your Echo can also let you know someone is at the door and if you have the Ring doorbell you can also let them know you’ll be there in a minute. My iWatch is handy here too!

Here’s how to get Alexia to stop listening in on your conversations

7. Music

Alexa can play your favorite playlist in the morning or lullabies at naptime.

8. Read audiobooks

Got a few minutes to yourself? Ask Alexa to read you a good book. This is really handy if you have iPods too.

9. Reminders

You can ask Alexa to remind you of all those random tasks you need to remember to do or even when to get your fire extinguisher serviced.

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10. Shopping List

Not only can your Echo help you create an ongoing shopping list and remind you on the way to the store so you don’t forget something, but she can also complete your online delivery order.

11. Recipes

Have Alexa learn all your cookbook favorites so she can remind you in case you forget an ingredient. Or ask her for a substitution if you’re out of something.

This is my favorite daycare cookbook!

12. Make calls

Alexa can also allow you to make or answer hands-free phone calls. Super handy at diaper time.

13. Timer

Use your dot as a timer so you don’t forget you’ve got something in the oven or how long a child’s been on the potty.

14. Baby Monitor

Use the “drop-in” feature in your Echo to see who’s up from a nap.

15. Inspiration

Teach Alexa to tell you something inspiring to start or end your day.

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16. Add to lists

Ask Alexa to help you keep up with your to-do list.

17. Read messages

You can have Alexa read your emails or text messages to you, even when driving.

gray jbl portable speaker on white table
Photo by Matthew Ball on Unsplash

18. Podcasts

She can play your favorite podcast.

19. Weather Reports

Ask Alexa to tell you what the forecast looks like for the week so you’ll know if snow days are ahead.

20. End of The Day Routine

Remind the humans what needs to be done to wrap up the daycare day.

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By the way, even though I love the Amazon line of Ai devices, there are many including brands like Apple & Google with similar capabilities too.

She’s NOT HUMAN But She Helps

Now listen, I am certainly not suggesting that Alexia (Echo) or any other Ai product can replace a human daycare assistant. NOT AT ALL!

But like I said, we providers are a busy bunch with loads of stuff to get done. And if products can help take on any of that load, I say let me at it!

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Do You Have Any Creative Ways To Use Alexa

There are 20 creative ways I use Alexa to help me with my daycare days. Did any surprise you? So what about you? Do you use any Ai for your childcare business? Leave a comment below and let me know if I forgot any.

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