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15 Great Reindeer Games Daycare Kids Will Love To Play

Games Daycare Kids Will Love

If you’re looking for some fun, holiday-themed activities to keep your daycare kids entertained, look no further! These fifteen reindeer games are sure to get them excited about Christmas (I should say more excited). Best of all, they’re all easy and simple enough that even the youngest children can participate. So gather up your little ones and let the Reindeer Games begin! Here are some holiday-inspired games daycare kids will love.

Holiday Games Daycare Kids Will Love

I know all too well what it’s like entertaining a bunch of Christmas-crazed toddlers. But I also know that if I use a little imagination the job can get done and be lots of fun.

So with the last few days before Christmas on the horizon, I thought I would share with you some of my favorite activities and games the daycare kids will love. As a matter of fact, around these parts, we’ve come to know them as “Daycare Reindeer Games”. Let’s see what Rudolf has been missing out on.

Let The Games Begin!

1. Indoor Snowball Fight

First up has to be this fun Indoor Snowball Fight. I saw this last year and thought it would be so much fun to do with my grandkids, so this is actually new for us at the daycare this year. But it just looks like too much fun not to include them.

2. Reindeer Antler Toss

Next is the Reindeer Antler Toss. The kids love this one because they get to take turns playing a reindeer. I even pull out my Red Nose from last month and now they are not just any ole reindeer, they’re Rudolf.

3. Who Has?

Now for a round of “Who has?” All you do is get the kids to remember some of the characteristics of some of their favorite holiday personalities. Like who has a big belly or who has a red nose or who has a carrot for a nose. If you’ve got older kids, why not have them take turns naming one of Santa’s reindeer? See if they remember who heads the sleigh. Or maybe get them to rename the reindeer after their friends.

4. Christmas Activity Book

My kids are a little younger, but this activity book has something for a multi-age group. The mazes are always a big hit around here.

Grab this for the daycare kids!

5. Letter To Santa

Finally, we round out the games by writing a letter to the big guy. Of course, you have to include this in your reindeer games right?! I always ask them what gift they think Santa or Ms. Claus is hoping for this year too.

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Want some more ideas for activities and games daycare kids will love? Great! You know we couldn’t stop at just five! So here’s ten more!

10 More Holiday Games Daycare Kids Will Love

  1. Reindeer Rock Paper Scissors – Great as a transition activity for the older kids.
  2. The Reindeer Hop – Great outdoor time or pre-nap activity.
  3. Reindeer or Grinch Bingo
  4. A game of Freeze Tag with reindeer antlers
  5. Catch the Snowflake (players must keep their eyes closed and try to catch a paper snowflake in their hands)
  6. Reindeer Relays – Probably best as an outside activity.
  7. Pin the Nose on Rudolph or Frosty The Snowman
  8. Find the Christmas Tree – Like the Elf on The Shelf, but the kids need to find where you hid a tiny Christmas tree.
  9. Santa Says (Simon Says)
  10. “I Saw” Game – Kids will need to find objects in the room that match what they say, for example, “I saw a red light.”

BONUS: One year we had the kids lay down and then on some Kraft Paper we traced their shapes to make life-sized Gingerbread boys & girls. Then the kids colored them. We used them as decoration and right before the holiday break, they took them home to decorate their bedrooms. This was not really a game, but I just had to add this one because it was so much fun!

The Annual Reindeer Games

Every year we add to our annual tradition of holding the Daycare Reindeer Games. It is a lot of fun and makes for some great memories. I hope you try hosting your own holiday games too. I know the daycare kids will love it!

Oh, and don’t forget to snap a picture. The parents will love that!

Want to remember this? Save “15 Great Reindeer Games Daycare Kids Will Love To Play” to your favorite Pinterest boards!

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