22 Super Easy Tips for A More Successful Daycare In 2022

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So here we are in 2022. And if the past two years have taught us one thing, it’s that the future is definitely uncertain. But I have big plans for my business this year and I know you probably do too. That being said, let’s ditch the usual resolution experiment this year. Instead, I want to start off the year by encouraging you to plan for success. Here are 22 tips that will definitely help make your daycare and 2022 more successful.

Today, we are talking about 22 tips for making your daycare year more successful. These are things that you can do at any time to make your business, and dare I say your life more successful.

Now, these tips are in no particular order, and you may find that some of them contradict one another, so as always take what works for you, put it into place in your daycare business and/or in your life, and leave the rest if it doesn’t work for you. That’s okay, don’t worry about it. Not every tip, not every strategy works for every person, or everybody’s personality, so take what works for you and leave the rest. And with that said, let’s go ahead and get this daycare year started.

1. Make A Clean Start

Start the year clean with a purge. Try to find 22 things to donate or ditch. Get a headstart by pitching anything broken, missing parts, dirty, or no longer used. Let’s make room for new things this year.

2. Let It Go

While we are decluttering why not learn to go of the projects that you’re not going to do. You know the ones you half-bought supplies for and never got around to doing. Go ahead and call it a “no go” and let that go. Put that stuff in the donate pile too.

3. Finish What You Start

I told you that some of these tips would contradict each other, but I want you to commit to finishing what you start. I can remember many times when I would have dozens of unfinished projects laying around. So if you’re not going to let them go, if you are definitely committed to them, then commit to finishing them in a timely manner. Plan to give yourself a start and a finishing deadline.

4. Invest In Yourself And Your Business

Think about this – do your clients effectively invest more in your business than you do? This year make a deliberate effort to invest in yourself and your daycare business. Consider taking a course, buying a book, or some other professional development that will help your business to grow. Start with this FREE MINI MASTERCLASS!

5. Take Care

Take care of your mind and your body, eat well, get enough sleep, get enough exercise. Remember, even especially the caregiver needs care.

6. Get Committed

Commit or recommit to taking consistent action in your business. We can get so busy that we can tend to let a lot of things go. The thing is, many of those things still need to get done. So this year make a plan for those routine things you need to do on a regular basis. Call it your “monthly must-dos” and commit to ticking off that list every month.

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7. Know The Numbers

Know your numbers. At least once a quarter, take the time to log your enrollment numbers, rates, income, etc. Notice your growth throughout the year. Use this info to forecast any changes you need to make over the year.

8. What’s The Vision?

Create a vision for your business for 2022. What do you want to accomplish this year? How will you do it? Make a plan and path to success.

9. Plan Big

Plan to do something big each quarter. Maybe plan an enrollment campaign or Easter event for in the Spring or a fundraiser next Fall. Create special events to look forward to this year.

10. “NO” Is The New “YES”

I know it can be hard for us and it might not be in our nature, but consider making “No” your default answer. Here’s the thing, saying “yes” to everything or even too many things doesn’t leave room for things you might really want to do. So saying “no” actually leads to some yes’.

11. Stay Inspired

Every morning, as a part of my morning routine I pray, journal, and find an inspirational quote to start my day. Creating the space for this has truly transformed my mindset and has given me a head start on a great day. Adopt a daily routine that keeps you inspired.

12. Read Widely

Reading time is not just for the kids. Whether it’s a book on business or a new fantasy romance novel, take the time time to bury yourself in a good book No time you say. Think about listening to an audiobook during naptime. I’ll bet you could get through 22 books this year.

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13. Set Boundaries

This is another thing that can be hard for some of us to do. But just like saying “no”, isn’t always a bad thing, neither is having or resetting boundaries. Maybe that means answering business calls only during business hours. Maybe that means not accepting tuition late without a fee. Pick something that isn’t serving you or your business and set a new rule for 2022.

14. Keep A Journal

Journaling helps with both personal and professional growth. It allows us time to reflect on what we are thinking about, desiring, and accomplishing. Consider starting a journal this month and see where 2022 takes you.

15. Be Surrounded

Surround yourself with inspiring, encouraging, and supportive people. I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, “Iron sharpens iron” which simply means associations with like-minded people uplift each other. Make a goal to find a mentor or get a business coach.

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16. Mind Your Time

I don’t need to tell you that providers work long hours and rarely seem to find any downtime. Which is why in 2022, consider finding ways to reclaim some time. Try having groceries and supplies delivered, or ready for pickup and cut your weekly shopping time way down.

17. Learn To Laugh More

Find the humor in your life. Whether it’s reflecting on something one of the kids said, a funny cartoon, or a line from your favorite comedy. Research has shown that laughter can add years to your life. So laugh more!

18. Make It About “ME”

Regularly schedule some ME time. Seriously, schedule it in your planner, calendar, cellphone, and/or iWatch. Being deliberate about making “me time” beats back the dreaded provider burnout.

19. Make It Passive

Considering what we all have gone through for the past two years I think everyone should consider adding passive income streams to your business. Whether that means something that grows out of or is completely unrelated to your daycare business. Learn ways to passively supplement your income.

20. Brighten It Up

Brighten up your physical space. Maybe it’s your desk that needs a makeover or the daycare space. Take the time to create a space that inspires you and makes you happy to be in 2022.

21. Get help!

There is no shame in taking your provider cape off every now and then and getting some help. Whether that is an assistant, housekeeper, bookkeeper, or grocery delivery. Do something that lightens your load!

22. Just Have Fun

The late, great, coach John Madden as he was being inducted into the Hall Of Fame said “I never worked a day in my life.” He said he loved his job so much that it wasn’t working. Isn’t that what we would all want? So take the time to enjoy the time you get to spend with your little ones. Enjoy the fact that you get to create your own income. Enjoy your business in 2022!

So what do you think? Will you opt-out of the usual this year and join my “resolutions resistance” by adopting any of these 22 tips for making your daycare year even more successful? Remember you can take what works for you, leave the rest.

But if you do use even one of these tips, I would love to know! Let me know what you’ve got cooking for 2022 in a comment below.

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